ICS 361 -- Artificial Intelligence Programming

Expert Systems and Natural Language Processing in Prolog

Assignment #7

This assignment is worth 150 points.

Knowledge-based and expert systems are frequently used to classify things. Much of the power of these systems lies in the separation of the inferencing mechanism and the domain knowledge. The inferencing engine without a knowledge base is called an expert system shell. These systems may be based on rules, frames or other structures, with rules being the most common.

Expert systems work in a manner similar to the way Prolog's interpreter reasons with a database of facts and rules. This makes Prolog a good choice to implement this type of program.

  1. (75 p) An Expert System for classifying Hawaiian animals, birds, fish or plants.
  2. (50 p) Knowledge-based rule development in English - toward automating knowlege acquisition.
  3. (25 p) Report. Compare your experience writing rules in part 1 with your experience generating rules in part 2 in a separate text file. Which was easier? why? Your answer should be 1-2 pages in length.
NOTE - use single quotes (') rather than double quotes (") for strings in Prolog.

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