ICS 361 --Artificial Intelligence Programming

Assignment #1

This assignment is worth 50 points.
  1. Ethics (20 points)
    Print a copy of the ACM code of professional ethics. Read it and and on the last page, add your name and a statement that you have read and understand the code. Add your signature after the above statement to promise to abide by the rules. Submit your hard copy either a) in class or b) under the instructor's or TA's office door by 5 pm. on Friday of Week 1.
  2. Lisp Guessing Game
    Reference Chapter 2 of the Land of Lisp.
    Use Common Lisp on UHUnix or install CL on your own computer (see Lisp notes).
    Copy the file named guess.lisp (from the book) to your home directory and rename it with your UNIX login name and assignment number. (e.g. nreed1.lisp) Emacs is the preferred editor for Lisp code. Emacs is built-in to the LispWorks environment and is available for most platforms from the Free Software Foundation.
    1. (10 pt) Add comments
      Create meaningful comments in ALL code (Lisp or Prolog) files with the assignment information and a description of each of the variables and functions used in the file. Use the header.lisp format.
    2. (10 pt) Load your file in to Lisp, and play the guessing game in the REPL on the following numbers
      41, and
      Create a transcript of the above and give it the name: [UHUnixName]1OUT.txt.
    3. (10 points) How many guesses are needed to find each number in your assignment? Put that information in a separate text README.TXT file.

Turn in the following:

A hard copy of the ACM ethics rules with your acknowledgement and signature (in class or under TA office door).

One or more plain text files containing your answers, code and script files via Laulima.

  1. Lisp code including the header and comments in the code.
  2. A text file produced using script (or another method) showing the Lisp commands and results of playing the guessing game with the data above. UHUnixName1OUT.txt
    Note: To generate a script file on UHUnix, use the "script" program (help)
  3. Your Readme.txt file with your annswers from Q2 part 3.

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