Welcome to the Home Page of ACM and ACM/SIGGRAPH Honolulu/Hawaii

Local chapters of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the ACM special interest group on computer graphics (SIGGRAPH) have been officially started in Hawaii in January 2003.

Local event of interest:

Directions and Parking

For the building location, see area D-3 on the University of Hawaii campus map (interactive gif or pdf)
Campus parking is available for $3. The closest lot is the visitor parking behind Kennedy Theater (Correa Road off East West Road). Additional parking is available south of Dole Street in the parking structure.

Previous Events

A list of previous events can be found here

Informal meetings

We have a request for frequent "informal" meetings for dialog between groups. If you have ideas or suggestions for these - please contact one of the officers...

Email lists available

To join a list, please send email to the contact person.
Local ACM chapter - honolulu@acm.org, contact Jason Levy - jlevy@hawaii.edu
Local ACM SIGGRAPH chapter - honolulu-chapter@siggraph.org, contact Eric Gusukuma - keng@siggraph.org
Computer Graphics in Hawaii - hawaii-cg@yahoogroups.com, contact Kaveh Kardan - kaveh@stupendous-software.com

Other Announcements

Officers and Contacts

If you have questions, please contact :

ACM officers:
Jason Levy - levy@hawaii.edu, Interim president, ACM Honolulu
Eric Gusukuma - keng@siggraph.org, Interim vice president ACM honolulu
Nancy Reed - nreed@hawaii.edu, Interim Secretary/Treasurer ACM Honolulu

SIGGRAPH officers:
Eric Gusukuma - keng@siggraph.org, Interim president, SIGGRAPH Honolulu
Marilyn Everett - everettm004@hawaii.rr.com, Interim Vice President, SIGGRAPH Honolulu
Nancy Reed - nreed@hawaii.edu, Interim Secretary/Treasurer SIGGRAPH Honolulu