Welcome to the Kapi`olani Community College Botany web site of Nelda K. Quensell. This site has been created and enhanced for students enrolled in Summer Session BIOL 101 and BIOL 101L courses, and regular Fall and Spring BOT 101, BOT 101L, BOT 105, BOT 130, and BOT 130L courses. For example, here as a student, you will be able to find a copy of the syllabus for your Botany course (if you are taking Botany), as well as information on Service Learning. bullet

Please note that not all handouts will not be posted on this site. Thus, you are NOT encouraged in any way to skip class.

If you are going to bookmark this site for future reference, please use: http://www2b.hawaii.edu/~nquensell .

Recent Updates:

Seminar worksheet now available! KCC students who are doing seminars, stop wasting time on making a replica of the seminar sheet while you could be focusing on the main important part, your facts! Take advantage now by downloading the seminar outline worksheet (Microsoft Excel 2000 format) and conveniently fill it on your computer without having to worry about eligibility affecting your score! Click on seminar in the navigation to get more info.