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  • Ishikawa, Jota; Tarui, Nori “Backfiring with Backhaul Problems: Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs,” Journal of International Economics, 111, 2018, 81-98

           A discussion on the main theme of the paper is available at Vox CEPR’s Policy Portal

  • Mason, Charles F.; Polasky, Stephen; Tarui, Nori "Cooperation on Climate-Change Mitigation” European Economic Review, 99, 2017, 43-55

      (Earlier version: CESifo Working Paper No. 5698 (January 2016)

  • Tarui, Nori "Electric utility regulation under enhanced renewable energy integration and distributed generation” Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 19(3), 2017, 503-518

      (Draft version: UHERO Working Paper No. 2017-2)

  • Lynham, John; Nitta, Kohei; Saijo, Tatsuyoshi; Tarui, Nori "Why does real-time information reduce energy consumption?” Energy Economics54, 2016, 173-181.

      (Earlier version: UH Manoa Department of Economics Working Paper 14-19.)

  • Sherstyuk, Katerina; Tarui, Nori; Ravago, Majah-Leah V., Saijo, Tatsuyoshi "Intergenerational Games with Dynamic Externalities and Climate Change Experiments.” Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 3(2), 2016, 247–281.

      (Earlier version: UH Manoa Department of Economics Working Paper 15-9R.)

  • Konishi, Yoshifumi; Tarui, Nori "Emissions Trading, Firm Heterogeneity, and Intra-Industry Reallocations in the Long Run.”  Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 2(1), 2015, 1-42
     (Earlier version: Center for Economic Institutions Working Paper 2014-1, Institute of Economic Research,
    Hitotsubashi University.)
  • Yomogida, Morihiro; Tarui, Nori "Emission Taxes and Border Tax Adjustments for Oligopolistic Industries,” Pacific Economic Review, 18 (5), 2013, 644–673

      (Earlier version: UH Manoa Department of Economics Working Paper 13-17.)

  • Sherstyuk, Katerina; Tarui, Nori; Saijo, Tatsuyoshi "Payment schemes in infinite-horizon experimental games,” Experimental Economics, 16 (1), 2013, 125-153.
    (Earlier version: "Payment schemes in random-termination experimental games,"  
    UH Manoa Department of Economics Working Paper 11-2.)
  • Heal, Geoffrey; Tarui, Nori "Investment and Emission Control under Technology and Pollution Externalities,” Resource and Energy Economics, 32(1), 2010, 1-14.
    (Earlier version: "Technology diffusion, Abatement Cost and Transboundary Pollution,"
    FEEM Working Paper 96.08)
  • D'Evelyn, Sean T.; Tarui, Nori; Burnett, Kimberly; Roumasset, James A. "Learning-by-Catching: Uncertain Invasive-Species Populations and the Value of Information,” Journal of Environmental Management, 89 (4), 2008, 284-292.
  • Tarui, Nori; Mason, Charles F.; Polasky, Stephen; Ellis, Greg "Cooperation in the Commons with Unobservable Actions,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 55(1), 2008, 37-51.
  • Tarui, Nori "Inequality and Outside Options in Common-Property Resource Use,” Journal of Development Economics, 83(1), 2007, 214-239.
  • Polasky, Stephen; Tarui, Nori; Ellis, Greg; Mason, Charles F. "Cooperation in the Commons,” Economic Theory, 29(1), 2006, 71-88.
  • Tarui, Nori; Polasky, Stephen "Environmental Regulation with Technology Adoption, Learning and Strategic Behavior,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 50(3), 2005, 447-467.


Working Papers


 Work in Progress

  • "Child Maltreatment, Education, and Violence Tendency: Evidence from AddHealth Data,” 
    with Xiangming Fang.
  • "Trade Restrictions and Incentives to Tax Pollution Emissions,” 
  • with Morihiro Yomogida and Cynthia Yao.
    "Distributional Impacts of Revenue Decoupling for Electric Utilities,”

    with Arlan Brucal.


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