I study physical processes on the surfaces of the Earth, the Moon, Mars, and asteroids, mostly processes that involve water ice. Most of my time is spent on model computations, small and large, but I also carry out theoretical studies, data analysis, and field work.

Current Research Interests and Projects:

Selected Presentations

History of Snow and Ice on the Summits of Hawaii
Public/Outreach presentation, Hilo, Nov 2014
Ice on Mercury and the Moon
Seminar for a general academic audience
most recent version: 2014
Theory of Ice Ages on Mars
Seminar ~1.5 hour
first version: 2007
most recent version: 2013
Lifetime of Ice on Main Belt Asteroids
Seminar based on Schorghofer, ApJ 682, 697–705 (2008) and more recent work.
most recent version: 2011
Acausal slope-area relations: a short presentation about a topic in quantitative geomorphology
most recent version: 2002


Model of lunar water exosphere for two months
Movie in mp4 format
detailed description to be published soon
Mars Orbiter Camera observations of seasonal frost at latitude 37°S
Movie in wmv format.
For a detailed description see Schorghofer & Edgett, Icarus 180, 321–334 (2006).
Model calculations of the accumulation of ground ice from atmospherically derived water vapor under Mars conditions
Movie in wmv format.
For a detailed description see Schorghofer & Aharonson, J. Geophys. Res. 110, E05003 (2005).