Journal Articles (by topic)

Fluid Dynamics

  1. N. Schorghofer, L.P. Kadanoff, D. Lohse. How the viscous subrange determines inertial range properties in turbulence shell models. Physica D 88, 40-54 (1995). [journal] [pdf]
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Earth Science

  1. N. Schorghofer and D.H. Rothman. Basins of attraction on random topography. Physical Review E 63, 026112 (2001). [journal] [pdf]
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  5. N. Schorghofer. A physical mechanism for long-term survival of ground ice in Beacon Valley, Antarctica. Geophysical Research Letters 32(19), L19503 (2005). [journal]
  6. N. Schorghofer. Buffering of sublimation loss of subsurface ice by percolating snowmelt: a theoretical analysis. (short communication) Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 20, 309-313 (2009). [journal] [pdf]
  7. N. Schorghofer. Expressions for tidal conversion at seafloor topography using physical-space integrals. Fluid Dynamics Research 42, 065503 (2010). [journal] [pdf] [preprint]
  8. N. Schorghofer, E. Kantar, and P.M. Nogelmeier. Snow on the summits of Hawaiʻi Island: Historical Sources from 1778 to 1870. Hawaiian Journal of History 48, 89-113 (2014).
  9. A. Pflitsch, N. Schorghofer, S.M. Smith, and D. Holmgren. Massive ice loss from the Mauna Loa Icecave, Hawaii. Submitted to Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (2014).

Planetary Science: Mars

  1. O. Aharonson, M.T. Zuber, D.H. Rothman, N. Schorghofer, and K.X Whipple. Drainage basins and channel incision on Mars. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 99, 1780-1783 (2002). [journal] [pdf]
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  3. O. Aharonson, N. Schorghofer, and M.F. Gerstell. Slope-streak formation and dust deposition rates on Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research 108(E12), 5138 (2003). [journal]
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  5. N. Schorghofer and O. Aharonson. Stability and exchange of subsurface ice on Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research 110(E5), E05003 (2005). [journal]
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  8. N. Schorghofer. Theory of ground ice stability in sublimation environments. Physical Review E 75, 041201 (2007). [journal] [pdf]
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  17. K.L. Wagstaff, J. Panetta, A. Ansar, R. Greeley, M. Pendleton-Hoffer, M. Bunte, and N. Schorghofer. Dynamic landmarking for surface feature identification and change detection. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology 3, article no. 49 (2012).
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Planetary Science: The Moon and minor bodies

  1. N. Schorghofer and G.J. Taylor. Subsurface migration of H2O at lunar cold traps. Journal of Geophysical Research 112(E2), E02010 (2007). [journal]
  2. N. Schorghofer. The lifetime of ice on main belt asteroids. Astrophysical Journal 682, 697-705 (2008). [journal]
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  4. N. Schorghofer. Migration calculations for water in the exosphere of the Moon: Dusk-dawn asymmetry, heterogeneous trapping, and D/H fractionation. Geophysical Research Letters 41, 4888-4893 (2014). [journal]
  5. H.H. Hsieh and 19 co-authors. The main-belt comets: The Pan-STARRS1 perspective. Icarus 248, 289-312 (2015). [journal] [preprint]
  6. N.E. Bowles et al. The use of a spacecraft at the second Earth-Sun Lagrange point as a controlled lunar impactor. Preprint (2014).
  7. N. Schorghofer. Two-dimensional description of surface-bounded exospheres with application to the migration of water molecules on the Moon. Submitted (2015).

Book Chapters, Editorials, Invited Blogs & Reports

  1. N. Schorghofer. Subsurface air flow on Mars (editorial). Nature Physics 10, 14-15 (2014). [journal] [pdf]
  2. "Planetary geomorphology image of the month: Slope streaks on Mars", blog entry by N. Schorghofer. Blog by M. Bourke, Feb 2014. [web]
  3. P. Hayne, A. Ingersoll, D. Paige (eds.) (33 authors). "New Approaches to Lunar Ice Detection and Mapping." Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) workshop report (2014). [web]
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  5. A. Kereszturi and H. Harigitai (eds.) (very many contributors). "Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms". Springer, 1100 p., in press (2016). [publisher]

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