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Lessons in Scientific Computing

Also known as The Third Branch of Physics: Essays on Scientific Computing

Norbert Schörghofer


  1. Analytic and Numeric Solutions
  2. A Few Concepts from Numerical Analysis
  3. Roundoff and Number Representation
  4. Programming Languages & Tools
  5. Physics Sampler
  6. Discrete Approximations of the Continuum
  7. From Programs to Data Analysis
  8. Performance Basics
  9. Deep inside Computers
  10. Counting Operations
  11. Random Numbers and Stochastic Methods
  12. Algorithms, Data Structures, and Complexity
  13. Symbolic Computation
  14. A Crash Course on Partial Differential Equations
  15. Reformulated Problems
Appendix A: Notes


Fall 2015: Gradually updating all chapters, since I am teaching the course this semester.

Jul 2012: Many revisions and a few additions

Jan 2012: Some more changes and additions

Sep 2011: Finally got around to make changes and additions; among the additions is information about GPUs

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