ICS 311 Spring 2018 Schedule

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Classes are in Webster 101 and in POST 319. See the index page for categorical listings of all assignments and topics.

Week 1: Introduction and Basic Concepts (Mostly review of ICS 211, 141 and 241)

Week 2: Growth of Functions

Week 3: Divide & Conquer, Recurrences and Binary Search Trees

Week 4: Balanced Binary Search Trees, Heap, Heapsort and Priority Queues

Week 5: Probabilistic Analysis and Randomized Algorithms

Week 6: HashTables and Selection

Week 7: Sorting Lower Bound and Linear Sorting

Week 8: Midterm 1

Week 9: Dynamic Programming

Week 10: Greedy Algorithms and Basic Graph Algorithms

Week 11: Topological Sort, SCC, Union-Find, MST

Week 12: Finding Shortest Paths in Graphs

Week 13: Midterm 2

Week 14: Maximum Flow in Graphs

Week 15: NP-Completeness and Approximation Algorithms

Week 16: Multithreading

Finals Week: