Drawing of Suillus ectomycorrhizha, spores; soil nematode, fungus, bacteria, protists; plant grass rhizosphere network

It seemed only yesterday that...

August 2021

Welcome to our latest lab member, Karen Parada! Karen joins the lab to start her PhD in fungal-bacterial interactions.
Nhu was promoted to Associate Professor!

February 2021

Nhu joins the NIH COBRE Environmental Microbiome program at UHM as a Research Project Leader. This position comes with funding for the lab to study fungal-bacterial interactions across our broad soil gradients!

January 2021

We start another year with undergrads Andrew Lin and Makana Ioh joining us for exciting research!

August 2020

The new semester starts with exciting additions to the lab. We're excited that Rick Lewis (post-doc), Christian Fullmer (graduate student), and Roxanne main (undergrad) will join the team to dig deep into soil microbial ecology!

June 2020

Congratulations to Ishwora Dhungana for passing her MS Thesis Defense with flying colors!

The lab received two awards from USDA NIFA to run two projects! We will be providing research and technical training opportunities to undergraduate students and we will develop methods to measure soil biodiversity.

May 2020

Congratulations to Jon Abe for receiving the Senior Honors Project Award in natural science category! Each department may only nominate one student whose work is selected among other nominees.

April 2020

Welcome to Christian Fullmer, who will join us in the fall to start his MS graduate program!

March 2020

Lab operations have been reduced to a minimum necessity. Stay safe everyone!

October 2019

Our lab received funding from the Department of Energy to study soil nutrient movement as part of a larger project led by Mary Firestone at UC Berkeley! Part of the project will examine fungal-bacterial interactions.

September 2019

Welcome to Christopher Kim, our newest lab member!

May 2019

Steven passed his thesis defense and won the UH Manoa Graduate Student Organization Merit Award for Research! Congrats, Steven!

April 2019

Jon was awarded the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) funds to study rhizobia in native and invasive legumes. Congrats, Jon!

February 2019

Ishwora passed her qualifying exam to become a master's candidate. Congrats, Ishwora!

May 2018

Steven passes his qualifying exam to become a master's candidate. Congrats, Steven!

March 2018

Cade Justad-Sandberg and Talyssa Topacio will join the lab as REU students for the summer to learn about using DNA techniques to study biodiversity.

January 2018

Steven Heisey and Ishwora Dhungana join the lab as new graduate students. Welcome, Steven and Ishwora!

August 2016

Nhu sets up at UH and attempted to get the lab running.