We study the ecology of plant and fungal communities. We are especially interested in the symbiosis between plants and fungi known as mycorrhizas. The goals of our research are to: 1) better understand the processes that determine the assembly of mycorrhizal plant and fungal communities, 2) examine the ecophysiological interactions between plants and their associated fungal partners, and 3) synthesize how variations biotic and abiotic conditions alter the ecological outcomes and evolutionary trajectories of plant-fungal interactions.

Welcome to our lab!

Recent News

October-Check out Nicole’s new editorial that introduces a special issue of Fungal Ecology on “Fungal Ecology Beyond Boundaries: From Communities to the Globe.”

August-Welcome Erin and Jerry two new MS students in the lab and aloha to Rachel who had graduated with a BA in geography and botany, we’ll miss you!

July-Come and get ‘em UH Mycology stickers are in!

June-Nicole’s off to the Hawaii Ecosystems meeting in Hilo (AKA the Vitousek meeting) to present on our lab’s current goings-on.

May-Congratulations to lab member Josh Serrano for his new position with Oahu Army’s Natural Resources Program!

April-The Department of Botany’s annual Graduate Research Symposium is Saturday April 19th, stop by and learn what our graduate students have been up to!

March-We’ve been busy in the field sampling soil for our AMF and invasion study.