Library Update: Announcing New Native Hawaiian Legal Resources
by Susan K. Serrano Director of Educational Development

The Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law is pleased to announce the release of two new Native Hawaiian legal resources. The new Bibliography of Native Hawaiian Legal Resources:  Materials Available at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Libraries provides an easily-accessible listing of Native Hawaiian legal resources at the UH Hamilton Library, Hamilton Asia Collection, Hamilton Hawaiian & Pacific Collection, and the William S. Richardson School of Law Library. The Bibliography is categorized into areas such as: cultural knowledge and property; land and natural resources; current and historical laws; legal cases; native rights and claims; overthrow and annexation; sovereignty and self determination; and Hawaiian language documents. 

The Index to Law Review Articles on Native Hawaiian Law provides a listing of law journal articles on Native Hawaiian legal issues. The Index is organized into categories such as: the Akaka Bill; cultural knowledge and property; land and natural resources; Native rights and claims; Rice v. Cayetano; and sovereignty and self determination. 

Both the Bibliography and Index were prepared by Lori Kidani and are available on the Center’s website.