picture of Diamond Head as viewed from the ocean Kapi'olani Community College
Honolulu Community College
University of Hawai'i

GG 103 Geology of Hawaiian Islands
Instructor: Nasir Gazdar Ph.D,MPH 

A New Theory on the Formation of Hotspot



Geology of Hawaii

Hawaii Volcanoes

Geology of Kauai

Geology of Maui

Geology of Molokai

Geology of Lanai

Geology of Mauna Loa

Geology of Kilauea Volcano

Oahu Geology History

Geology of Oahu

Geology of Tsunamis

Tsunami Arrival Time

Water Cycle in Hawaii

Air Pollution in Hawaii

Beaches and Beach Nourishment

Geology of Loihi

Maui Nui Map

Geology of Hawaiian Volcanoes

Hawaii Hazard Map

Earthquake Prediction

Earthquake Risks in Hawaii

Hawaiian Slumps

Predicting Volcanic Eruptions

Stages of Formation of Hawaiian Isles

Volcanoes Study Guide

Coral Islands

Volcano Relief

Hawaiian Islands Volcanism1

Hawaiian Islands Volcanism2

Hawaiian Islands Volcanism3

Videos, fact sheets, animations and reference on volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, plate tectonics and maps.