Dr. Diane Nahl

Department of Information and Computer Sciences
   Library and Information Science Program
   University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Student Work
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Generational Curriculum:

Module 2: Elisabeth Kittredge & Anne Hillier
Module 2 Fall 2004 LILO Data: Understanding Your Assignment
Module 3: Caitlin Nelson & Wanda Wong
Module 3 Fall 2004 LILO Data: Search Strategies
Module 4: Joe Murphy & Diane Kunichika
Module 4 Rubrics
Module 4 Fall 2004 LILO Data: Searching
Module 5: Margot Hanson, Megan Radomski, Jacob Rosen, & Xiangli Xu
Module 5 Rubrics
Module 5 Fall 2004 LILO Data: Evaluating Sources
Module 6: Dainan Skeem, Masashi Shimonao, & Adnan Raza
Module 6 Fall 2004 LILO Data: Using Resources
Module 4: Conducting Information Searches (Fall 2008), Amanda Hahn, Frans Albarillo, and Hanalei Abbott
Module 5: Karen Brown and Jennifer Crowther
Module 5: Evaluate (Fall 2008) (XLS)
Module 6: Brett Bodemer and Neneng Rosmy
Module 6: Synthesis (Fall 2008) (XLS)

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