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Generational Curriculum:

Nancy Kleban and Ellen Peterson
Trish Middleton
Romy Panko
Carl Feucht and Virginia Smith: Pathfinder: Invasive Species
Barbara Robeson & Carolyn Larson: Marine Debris in Hawaii
Dongyun Ni and Kate Harris: Thai Cooking
Vicky Lee: Fairy Tales of the World
Vivian Gutierrez: Chinese Footbinding
Sheri Sommerville and Rebecca Gettys: Astronomy
Amber Collins: Cocktails
Lori Ann Saeki & Jolene Miyaji: Feng Shui
Fujiko Uyehara & Yoko Kudo: Tofu
Jane Tesoro & Marta Wiggins: Diabetes
Wendy Ikemoto & Kristen Konishi:Fishing
Wentao Huang & Uta Hussong:  Chinese Cooking ~~Szechuan Cuisine
Caitlin Nelson: Tsunami
Matt Kano & Janel Quirante: Drug Abuse Prevention
Kaori Ueki & Wanda Wong: Kimono
Valerie Ota & Gail Weisz: Humpback Whale
Jody Brown & Melinda Higgins: Edible Mushrooms
Marie Wasnok & Laura O'Neil: Astrology
Addie Johansen & Annie Thomas: Sharks
Dawn Sueoka & Tim Martin: Ghost Stories
Kapu Mamiya & Cindy Wagner: The Benefits of Breastfeeding
Martha Hanson & Miko Sanico: Children & Divorce
Grace Lo and Brian Richardson: Outrigger Canoes
Laurie Lake & Robyn Chinaka: Test Preparation
Josephine Tam & Joseph Murphy: Defeat Acne
Dainan Skeem & Masashi Shimonao: Ukulele
Roxanne Campbell & Jo Ann Mastin: Hurricane Preparedness for Hawaii Residents
Christine Cipolla & Carrie Ann Young: The Navajo:An American Indian Tribe
Xuan Le & Cheryl Mori: Learning Hawaii's Dance, the Hula
Jennifer McLaughlin & Margot Hanson: Asian Folktales
Sue May Kuo & Lea Domingo: Pearl Harbor
Guanghong Yang, Nicole Manfredi, & Brandon Suetsugu: Watercolor Painting
Dona Christensen & Amilia Smith: Science Fiction and Fantasy Genres
Elisabeth Kittredge & Megan Radomski: Planning a Trip to Tahiti
Jacob Rosen & Lynvi Sumimoto: Resistance and Rebellion to U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines 1898-1930
Lisa Akamine & Vincent Lee: Scrapbooking 101
Wendy Traver & Diane Kunichika: The Oort Cloud
Kayla Arakawa & Jill Takemoto: Dating
Lori Kidani & Sandy Domion: Las Vegas for Non-Gamblers
Baron Baroza & Marisa Shinsato: Kidney Disease
Jennifer Zavaglia & Susan Bannister: Immigration to Hawaii
Teri Tokushige & Minori Oumi: Visiting Seattle
Frances Wong & Alice Tran : Science Fair Projects
Ryan James & Kale Kingsbury: ATTENTION FRESHMEN!!
Tammy Akiyama: Living with ADD/ADHD
Pamela Scott & Tara Bagoyo: Teen Substance Abuse: a guide for parents
Whitney Ross & Chelsea Bryson: Polynesian Tattoos
Iris Kaneshige & Wendi Dotson: Historical Fiction for Juvenile and Young Adult Readers
Robin Fancy & Danette Kepaa: Volcanoes of Hawaii
Neneng Rosmy & Simi Singh: The Role of Women in Politics in Contemporary Indonesia and Malaysia
Kathryn Arinaga and Akiko Sugiyama: Hawaiian Quilts
Danielle Fujii and Marguerite Simpson: Visiting Hawaii National Volcanoes Park
Song Hyun Lee and Sara Ajifu: Internet Safety for Children
Rebecca Marrall and Laurel Taylor: Plant Conservation in Botanical Gardens of Hawai'i and East Asia
Caitlin Ross and Jonathan Young: Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Cancer
Erika Ichihara and Tamara Martinez: Study Tips for Dyslexic Students
Mishalla Spearing: Halloween
Christine D. Banziger and Jerome A. Nicolas: Conceptualizing the Death and/or Burial of Captain Cook
Erenst Anip & Sandy Shitanishi: Mauna Kea: Hawai'i's White Mountain
Julie Motooka and Yuko Lovett: A Pathfinder to Japanese Film Criticism: 1980s to the Present

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