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Generational Curriculum:

Amber Collins: Mystery of the Amber Room
Lori Ann Saeki: Fouled Out: How Gender Stereotypes Affect Women in Sports
Wendy Ikemoto: Impact of TV on the Academic Ability of Children
Caitlin Nelson: Historical Legends of Ancient Japan
Janel Quirante: Modern Japanese Genre Film
Cheryl Sanico: Marriage Enrichment
Marie Wasnock: Beyond Jack Kerouac: Women and Ethnic Minorities of the Beat Generation
Dawn Sueoka: Music of the Silent Cinema
Jo Ann Mastin: Journey of the Journalism Educator
Lynvi Sumimoto: Legends and Folktale of the Scottish Highlands
Jennifer McLaughlin: The Impact of Printing on Medieval and Early Modern Chinese Society
Elisabeth Kittredge: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919
Margot Hanson: Knitting Through Time and Space
Lea Domingo: Making an Independent Film
Guanghong Yang: Role-Playing Games
Vincent Lee: Basketball Drills: Offense and Defense
Diane Kunichika: Underwater Archaeology: Hawaii/Pacific Area
Megan Radomski: Abstract Photography
Dainan Skeem: Video Games & Their Role in Education
Lisa Akamine: Feral Cat Population Control
Jacob Rosen: Anti-imperialist movements of the 21st century
Tamara Zielinski: The Legacy of Murano
Jill Takemoto: Changing Careers
Susan Bannister: Self-Defense for Women
Baron Baroza: Radio Broadcasting After Deregulation
Minori Oumi: Toddler Discipline
Alice Tran: Chinese-American Social Traditions
Ryan James: It Came From the Stacks: The Biological Pathogens of Books
Darcy Abe: The Manga Revolution
Tammy Akiyama: Birth Order's Effects on Personality Development
Andrew Weiss: Akutagawa Prize-winning Fiction
Pamela Scott: Bioterrorism
Allie Jordan: Women War Photojournalists from World War II to the Present
Chelsea Bryson: Dead Men do Tell Tales:A Bibliography Plan dedicated to thegBog Bodiesh
Wendi Dotson: Blood & Chocolate:Slavery in the Modern Cocoa Industry
Frances Wong: Taiko in North America
Nadia Ayesh: Conservation of Hawaiian Birds
Georgina Tom: Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)
Robin Fancy: Filipino Legends and Folktales
Mariko Kershaw: Parents & Their Young Children: A Bibliography Plan of Parent Resources on Early Childhood Educationstar
Karen Brown: Funding Options for Academic and Public Librariesstar
Claire Bele: Traditional Philippine Courtship Dances
Danielle Fujii: Nisei Story
Song Hyun Lee: Effects of Eating Kimchi
Marguerite Simpson: Federal Theatre Projectstar
• Akiko Sugiyama (See hardcopy in 601 materials.)star
Kathryn Arinaga: Music and the Brain
Jonathan Young: Management of Fever Without Source in Neonates
Ryan Lammers: Archaeopteryx: The First Bird?star
Sean Thibadeaux: Composing Music for Film: Creative Aspectsstar
Jerome A. Nicolas: The GLBTQ Presence in American Comic Books
Sandy Shitanishi: Kalaupapa: Voices and Memories
Mishalla Spearing: Chinese Astrology
Justin Rajkowski: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Returning Iraq and Afghanistan Soldiers (PDF)star
Tamara Martinez: School Gardens: A Necessitystar
Julie Motooka: Takarazuka in Japan: Why It Worksstar
Megan Fukomoto: Animal-Assisted Therapy: A Bibliography Plan
Tai Arakawa: Contributing Factors to STD and HIV/AIDS Rates among Japanese: A Bibliography Planstar
Trisha Yee: Celtic Harp History and Instruction: A Bibliography Plan

star Bibliography Plan Award Winnersstar

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