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Articles, Papers, and Talks by Diane Nahl -

Conceptual Framework for Explaining Information Behavior
Three congruent theoretical approaches to defining and measuring information behaviors are reviewed, representing three compatible theories within the behavioral tradition in social and information sciences. The taxonomic approach focuses on identifying the levels and sub-components of information behaviors in the affective, cognitive, and sensorimotor domains. The psychodynamic approach focuses on conflict resolution within the self between affective uncertainty and cognitive incomprehension. The ethnomethodological approach focuses on the communicative meaning of new information and its role in the lives of users. (SIMILE--Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education Volume 1, Issue 2 (May 2001) © University of Toronto Press.)

Strategic Research: Problem-Solving Through Systematic Assessment
Full text of my Keynote speech to the American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, Instruction Section Annual Meeting Program.

The User-Centered Revolution: 1970-1995
Full text of a pre-publication version of an article in the Encyclopedia of Microcomputers (1996, Vol.19, pp.143-199), and reprinted in the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science (in press).

Affective Elaborations of Boolean Search Instructions for Novices: Effects on Comprehension,Self-Confidence, and Error Type
Text of my ASIS paper for the Annual Meeting in Chicago, October 1995. Discusses boolean thinking and semantic leakage in the search statements of novice users and how affective instructions c an improve search comprehension, performance and self-confidence. You can also see the instructions used.

Affective Monitoring of Internet Learners: Perceived Self-efficacy and Success
This is the text of my ASIS 1996 presentation.

Information Counseling Inventory of Affective and Cognitive Reactions while Learning the Internet
A pre-publication version of an article published in Internet Reference Services Quarterly: A Journal of Innovative Practice, Technologies, and Resources (Haworth Press, Inc.) 1997. (in press)

  review of Information Counseling Inventory of Affective and Cognitive Reactions while Learning the Internet

Achieving Focus, Engagement, and Acceptance: Three Phases of Adapting to Internet Use.
An article published in EJVC: Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture, identifying three basic phases of learning to be a lifelong Web user.

Dealing With Stress and Pressure in the Vehicle. Taxonomy of Driving Behavior: Affective, Cognitive, Sensorimotor (with Dr. Leon James) In J. Peter Rothe, Editor. Driving Lessons - Exploring Systems That Make Traffic Safer. University of Alberta Press, Edmonton, Canada

My Ph.D. Dissertation
This is the full text version of my study on how to create user-friendly, affective point-of-use instructions, and its effects on search behavior and self-confidence. You will also find here a copy of the Taxonomyof Affective Speech Acts and a visual representation of the Searcher's World.

Measuring  Information Searching  Competence: 1990
Leon A. James and Diane Nahl. College & Research Libraries 51 (5): 448-462

Microdescriptions of Information Searching behavior
Affective, Cognitive and Sensorimotor Domains. This is the text of a research proposal by Diane Nahl and Leon James to the National Science Foundation.

Applied Psycholinguistics in Social Psychology: An Ethnomethodological Perspective.
A technical article on speech act analysis with Leon James.

An Empirical Method for the Study of Topic Domains in Psychology
My undergraduate research on Dr. M.E. Bitterman's vitae for the History of Psychology course. The experiment investigated the conceptual organization of Bitterman's comparative psychology work studying learning in various species using a method to empirically determine the subject categories of his research area. I did not think of getting an MLS until the following year.

Indexical Concordance Contrasts Technique (ICCT)
Written in 1976, I present a new "indexical method" for contrasting subject content across time. Illustrated with the "D" sections of The Principles of Psychology by William James, 1897 and The American Psychological Association Thesaurus, 1979.

Introduction to the Generational Curriculum and the Daily Round Archives
See my collaborative efforts with colleague Leon James on principles and applications of the community classroom approach -- ongoing since 1975. See also: Society's Witnesses

Applied Psycholinguistics for the 1980s: Student-Done Discourse Analysis and the Videotape Language Lab.
A brief analysis of the decades since the 1950s, with Leon James.

The Social Psychology of Altruistic Book Handling Behavior
An teaching experiment in 1983 involving level 3 affective skills, with Leon James.

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