• About the Current and 2015 MCAT (Including Planning and Scheduling)
  • Free MCAT Practice Tests
  • Financial Aid
  • Free Online Learning Resources
  • MCAT Test Prep Companies/Courses
  • Suggested Prep Resources (and other tips)
  • Schedule Makers
  • Retaking the MCAT

    About the Current and 2015 MCAT (Including Planning and Scheduling):

  • The Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center
    PAC's MCAT 2014 Overview
    PAC's MCAT 2015 Overview
  • AMCAS: 2014 MCAT
    About the CURRENT and 2015 MCAT
    MCAT Essentials for 2014 and January 2015
    Registration Deadlines for 2014
  • AMCAS: 2015 MCAT
    The MCAT2015 Exam for Students (including scoring and test format)
    Course Mapping Tool for the MCAT 2015 (plan your class schedule)
    Exploring the MCAT 2015
    AMCAS Preview Guide for the MCAT 2015 Exam (Second Edition)

    Free MCAT Practice Tests:

    AMCAS Free Test
    Princeton Review Free Test
    Kaplan Free Live Test Events
    Gold Standard Free Practice Test

    Financial Aid:

    AMCAS Financial Aid for the MCAT

    Free Online Learning Resources:

    Khan Academy's Online Learning Library
    AAMC's Pre-Health Collection
    Free Kaplan Flashcards on iTunes

    MCAT Test Prep Companies/Courses:

    AAMC Self Assessment Package
    E-MCAT (AAMC's Official MCAT Practice Test Site)
    Berkley Review
    Exam Krackers
    Princeton Review
    Dr. Flowers MCAT
    MCAT for Me

    Suggested Prep Resources (and other tips):

    AAMC Pre-Health MCAT Resource Collection
    Amazon's Best Seller List
    Student Doctor Network - "Best MCAT Prep Books"
    Student Doctor Network - "Breaking Down the MCAT: A 3 Month MCAT Study Schedule" (with suggested resources)
    Student Doctor Network Discussion Board Links

    Schedule Makers/Schedule Making Advice:

    TIP: Do not limit yourself to any of the schedules these sites will give you. Only you can determine your own pace. You should have some sort of schedule however, and these sites may help you with that (how strictly you adhere to your schedule is up to you).
    Cram Fighter (online MCAT schedule maker): Offers Free Trial
    Student Doctor Network Thread
    Exam Crackers Study Schedule
    MCAT for Me

    Retaking the MCAT:

    Retake Calculator (take results with grain of salt)
    AAMC MCAT Exam Statistics by year (including how retesters fare)
    Harvard's Advice
    Columbia University's Advice
    TheStudentDoc's Advice
    Student Doctor Network Thread

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