Application, Interview, and Personal Statement

Please note: You will find many resources on this page which may pertain to a similar topic or contain similar information. If you read through every single source, you may easily find yourself over saturated with information. Please pick 2 or 3 sources at most that best fit your needs with regards to each subject (personal statement, interview, application, etc). The goal of this page is to consolidate resources vetted by the MSMP Board, but we do not encourage or intend for students to use all sources listed.

  • AAMC Article: Medical School Admissions: More than Grades and Test Scores View the Article

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  • Application Resources
  • Interview Resources
  • Personal Statement Resources

    • Application Resources

    AMCAS Resources:
  • AMCAS Instruction Manual: Download Manual
  • AMCAS Application Tips: Download Tipsheet
  • How to apply: Visit the AMCAS Website
  • Full List of AMCAS Application Resources: Visit the AMCAS Website

    MSMP Resources:
  • MSMP Application Workshop Resources (handouts and powerpoints): Download here

    Student Doctor Network
  • AMCAS Questions Thread (2014-2015 cycle): View the discussion thread
  • The Student Doctor Network Forum on the AMCAS Work and Activities Section (2014-2015 cycle): View the discussion thread

  • Kaplan "The Pulse" Resources: Visit their site
  • Kaplan Mini-Seminar: Timing Your Application Cycle
  • Kaplan Mini-Seminar: Completing the AMCAS Application

    Other Great Resources
  • UW Application Services: Visit their site
  • Harvard Office of Career Services "Completing the AMCAS" Website: Visit their site
  • Carnegie Mellon Application Timing Advice: Visit their site
  • MD/PhD Program Information (also see MSMP's "Picking a Medical School" Resources): Visit their site

      Interview Resources

    General Information and Advice
  • AAMC Interview Data and Analysis: Article 1, Article 2
  • MSMP Interview powerpoint and worksheet: Download here
  • AMCAS Interview Advice: Visit AMCAS
  • Harvard Office of Career Services Interview Site: Visit their site
  • UHM Pre Health/Pre Law Advising Center's Interview Workshop Powerpoint: Download
  • The StudentDoc Advice and Videos: Visit their site
  • The StudentDoc's "6 Common Interview Mistakes": Visit their site
  • Ohio State University's Advice: Download their pdf
  • Delaware University Interview Advice: Download their pdf

    Multiple Mini Interviews
  • UHM Pre Health/Pre Law Advising Center's Multiple Mini Interview Presentation: Download
  • Virginia Tech's Introduction to MMI: Watch the video
  • Kaplan Mini-Seminar: Multiple Mini Interviews
  • Example MMI Stations (No endorsement as to the answers, just example stations): Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, FULL EXAMPLE PLAYLIST

    Sample Questions
  • Harvard Sample Questions: Visit their site
  • UC Berkeley Questions: Visit their site
  • MIT's Sample Interview Questions: Download the pdf
  • John Hopkin's University Sample Questions: Download the pdf
  • Colorado University's 100 Sample Interview Questions: Visit their site
  • More Sample Interview Questions: Download the pdf

    Examples of Answers to Common Questions
    DISCLAIMER: Please do not use/copy the answers on these sites or videos to plan your own response to common interview questions. This would not be ethical or productive (you will be easily spotted by any interviewer). Your own responses to questions during an interview should be unique/personal and NOT overly rehearsed, memorized or copied.
  • Advice from a UCLA Admissions committee member: Watch the video
  • Mock Medical School Interview from Kaplan (Do's and Don'ts): Watch the video
  • Dr. Kevin Ahern's Guide to Acing A Medical School Interview: Watch the video
  • StudentDoc's Q/A's: Visit their site

      Personal Statement Resources

    General Personal Statement Information and Advice
  • MSMP personal statement powerpoint presentation: Download here
  • AMCAS Personal Statement Article: Visit their site
  • UHM's Pre Health/Pre Law Advising Center's Personal Statement Powerpoint: Download
  • Class Brain Essay Advice: Visit their site
  • The Student Doctor Network: Visit their site
  • Falcon Reviews 31 Do's and Dont's: Visit their site

    Great Advice from Major Universities
  • John Hopkins University Personal Statement Website: Visit their site
  • Claremont McKenna College Advice: Visit their site
  • Harvard Office of Career Services Personal Statement Overview: Visit their site and download the powerpoint
  • Carnegie Mellon University's Personal Statement Advice: Visit their site
  • Yale University's Personal Statement Advice: Visit their site

    Examples of Personal Statements
    DISCLAIMER: Plagiarism is not acceptable and can easily spotted by admission committees. Use these personal statements to gain an idea of what good and bad essays may look like, but do not use other students' words or experiences as your own.
  • Carnegie Mellon University's Sample Personal Statements: Visit their site
  • University of Pittsburgh Sample Personal Statements: Download the file
  •'s Examples: See Examples
  •'s Examples: See Examples

    Help with writing
  • UH Manoa Writing Center: Visit their site
  • Feel free to email the MSMP Board for personal statement review at:

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