Morgen Johansen, PhD 

My primary research agenda focuses on questions about how managerial practice differs across the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  A unifying theme of my research is the social justice and equity implications of health care and education policy, and various governance structures.  

My research has been featured in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, Public Administration, and the American Review of Public Administration.   

My co-author Ling Zhu and I have a series of articles featured on the London School of Economics blog about how the implementation of Obamacare affects equity in health insurance access, and how market competition may not reduce costs or lead to efficiency in US hospitals. 

I also am a member of the Scholars Strategy Network, which puts policy relevant research in the hands of legislators, the media, and citizens.  I have written on the implementation of 'Race to the Top' in Hawaii’s public schools, and how Obamacare may affect Hawaii’s more generous health insurance law. 

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