Bookmarks on Netscape

Netscape finds its way Back to a page that you have visited by recording the URL and title of each new page you come to. Netscape records only the last ten pages until you quit. Once you quit, this short-term memory (the last 10 pages visited) is lost and there may be pages you wish to return to, but do not remember the URLs. Don't despair, there's hope for those of us who want to store the location of a Web page for frequent return trips to select pages. A Netscape tool that can store page locations (URLs) permanently is Bookmarks.

Bookmarks perform a similar function to real bookmarks in a book. Real bookmarks let you easily find a page later that you've found already. In Netscape, bookmarks let you find a Web page later that you've already been to.

Let's create or Add a bookmark to the list. First, open this location:
As soon as the item begins to load onto your desktop you can click on Bookmarks (on the topmost bar) and select the menu item Add Bookmark to add this item to your list of bookmarks. If you prefer, you may use the function keys on a Mac to add the bookmark (Apple key and D).

The page your are on is now stored in the list of bookmarks. You can look at this list by selecting Bookmarks again. The bottom portion of the Bookmarks menu is the list of your bookmarks. Now, just click on the bookmark you wish to return to and voila! you'll be there in seconds, without having to give a second thought to the URL.

Go to the following URLs and add them twice to your bookmark list:


Editing and Organizing Bookmarks:
If you surf the net, you are bound to come across several sites that you wish to add to your bookmarks list. It is not hard to imagine how quickly your bookmarks can become unmanageable. No fear, Netscape has the capability to do complete database-style management with bookmarks.

Choose Window from the topmost bar, then select Bookmarks from the menu bar. Now you see a half screen view of the bookmark list editor, and the topmost bar will be different. The most useful parts in this bar are Edit and Item.

To delete a bookmark. Use your mouse to click on the name of the bookmark on the left side of the window. Then click on Edit from the bar and select Delete bookmark from the menu.

1. Delete the duplicate bookmarks you made in the first exercise.

To move a bookmark to a different spot on the list. Use your mouse to click on the bookmark. Then simply drag the bookmark to the position you want it to display at.

To make a new bookmark from a URL that you know. Click on Item from the bar and select Insert Bookmark from the menu. A dialog box will appear, fill in the Name and Location (URL) fields as precisely as possible.

While you are organizing and creating your bookmarks the editor also allows you to make folders for collections of bookmarks. To add a Folder to your list of bookmarks, use the mouse to select Item from the bar, then select Insert Folder and a dialog box will appear. Enter the information in the Name

To insert a horizontal line between headings on a list, use the mouse to select the bookmark that should be before the line. Then click on the New Separator from the Item menu and a horizontal line will appear.

1. Make the following new folders for your bookmarks:
Internet Training

2. Now place the UH Library Bookmark in the folder Libraries, and place the Training Bookmark in the folder Training.

More on Bookmarks
Copying bookmarks to a floppy disk:
This feature allows you to carry your bookmarks from station to station, and share your bookmarks with others. All bookmarks are stored in a file named Bookmark.html. This file is located on your hard disk in the same directory as Netscape. This file is an HTML Web document that can be displayed with any Web browser, and is not limited only to Netscape.

Once you have located the Bookmark.html file on your hard disk simply copy it to the floppy. Once you have copied the bookmark file you can do two things with it:

  1. Display/View the File:
    To view the file, choose File and then Open File from the menu bar. Then use the dialog box to choose the file and click on the OK button. The file then appears on-screen as if you loaded it from the Internet. Even though the file isnŐt a real Web page from the Internet, you can select a hotlink and have it take you to the places on the Internet selected from your bookmark.
  2. Add the bookmarks to another list:
    Go to File and select Import Bookmarks from the menu bar. A File dialog box will appear, choose the Bookmark.html file click on the OK button. Netscape will automatically get all the hotlinks out of the file, and put them in your list of bookmarks, appending them to the end of the existing list.

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