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  • UFOs
    Takemoto's interest in UFOs and related phenomena are inspired by a close encounter one evening in the pineapple fields.

  • Monochromatic Paintings
    These paintings represent Takemoto's fascination with the unusual, the bizarre and the politically incorrect.

  • Microbiological Expressions
    MT explores the microscopic world of bacteria, plankton, and viruses. Article about MTakemoto and his work.

  • 3rd World Portraits
    The people portrayed in these paintings include various famous and infamous citizens of the world.

  • M.A.D Frescos
    Each individual piece is an interchangeable part of the whole collection of paintings.
    Fresco Manifesto

  • Primordial Images from the Postmodern Epoch
    Takemoto continues to explore the ancient/contemporary theme in sculptural form.

  • Plexiglyphs
    A series of paintings inspired by the pictograms of various pre-industrial cultures.



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