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What is Mediation, What are the Benefits:


Mediation is the process in which a third party (the mediator) assists 2 or more parties in resolving a conflict.  As a neutral third party a mediator tries to facilitate discussion between the parties and ultimate attempts to guide them towards a creating thier own resolutions. However a mediator does not have the ability to enforce decisions.
Role of a mediator

A mediator's role is to find the interests of the disputanting parties and to guide them towards deciding on a mutually agreed upon resolution.
A mediator is not a judge and does not give advice but instead guides the parties towards finding their own solutions. That is why this process is so effective.
The Diamond Model
Our club adopts the Diamond Model of Mediation taught by the University of Hawaii at Manoaand utilized by our own Program on Conlift Resolution.

The first half of the diamond is where mediators use skills to discover important issues and interests. 
The second half is where the mediator guides the disputants toward mutually satisfactory solutions.


  1. MMPC can arrange to mediate based on your schedule and location
  2. Mediators of the club have undergone a training/certification process.
  3. Disputes are resolved confidentially and privately.
  4. Mediators are neutral and cannot impose resolutions for conflicts.
  5. Mediation fosters communication, negotiation skills, and creative problem solving..
  6. Solutions are mutually and voluntarily developed by the disputants.
  7. There is no charge for using MMPC’s conflict resolution services and participation is voluntary.

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