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Aloha! I am a Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization (UHERO), and Sea Grant at UH Manoa. My research focuses on effects of agricultural policies, impacts of climate change on agriculture, and commodity pricing, and I’ve recently started new research and outreach program on renewable energy and water. I enjoy interdisciplinary research and publish in both science and economics journals. I have served on several other editorial boards for leading agricultural, environmental and resource economics journals, and currently a Co-Editor at the Journal of Association of Environmental and Resource Economics. Before coming to Hawai’i I was an Assistant and then Associate Professor at North Carolina State University from Fall 2008 through Spring 2012. Before that I worked for USDA’s Economic Research Service. I grew up in California, went to UCSD to swim and study, Montana State to ski and earn an MS, and obtained an MA in Statistics and PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley.

Check out research and commentary at the blogs I contribute to:

Global Food, Environment and Economic Dynamics (G-FEED).

Governing Green Power (GovGreen).

UHERO Energy Policy and Planning (UHERO-EPP).

Greed, Green and Grains (Oldy but goodie).

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