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   Naruto is the story of a young ninja who has the spirit of the kyuubi (evil nine-tail fox demon) entrapped inside of him. Naruto, along with Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto's future goal in life is to be the next Hokage (the ruler of the land of the leaves--Konoha),The story picks up when graduation takes place, and Naruto just happened to be the only person that didn't graduate. After a battle with one of his teachers (Mizuki) over some scrolls, Naruto and his two classmates, Sasuke and Sakura and one new person, Kakashi, the jounin (upper level ninja) who is set to train them. He posses one sharingan that helps him become faster, stronger etc. Their first mission is to guard an old bridge builder, from ninjas and enemies. During their voyage they get in a fight with 2 ninjas from the land of the mist (the two demon brothers). They fail and Naruto loses face in front of everyone, for not doing a single thing in their fight. He then makes a promise to be the best. Later on in the episodes that follow, Naruto and his teacher meet new people , mostly enemies and a couple of friends.


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