Aimé Bokonon-Ganta

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences
3050 Maile Way, Gilmore Hall 310
Honolulu, HI 96822

Tel: 808-956-2457
Fax: 808-956-2428

A. Bokonon-Ganta  

Research Interests

My research interests include the behavioral ecology of insect pests and their parasitoids. I believe that a better understanding of plant-herbivore interactions is important in the implementation of integrated pest management programs with reference to arthropod population dynamics, biological control, and agro-ecosystem diversity. I have a special interest in parasitoids biology and mass rearing.

I have recently focused on 1) Exploration for new parasitoids for biological control; 2) Studies in strict Quarantine conditions of the host range and biological performance of new candidates (parasitoids) for biological control; 3) Impact studies of new parasitoids on non-target hosts, and post release impact assessment.


Selected Publications

Wang, X.G., Ekhlass, J., McGraw, B.K., Bokonon-Ganta, A.H., Messing, R.H, Johnson, M.A. (2005) Effects of spinosad-based fruit fly bait GF-120 on fruit fly and aphid parasitoids. Biological Control 35, 155-162.

Bokonon-Ganta, A.H., Ramadan, M.M., Wang, X.G., Messing, R.H. (2005) Biological performance and potentials of Fopius ceratitivorus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), an egg-pupal parasitoid of tephritid fruit flies, newly imported to Hawaii. Biological Control 33, 238-247.

Wang, X.G., Bokonon-Ganta, A.H., Ramadan, M.M., Messing, R.H. (2004) Egg-larval opiine parasitoids (Hym., Braconidae) of tephritid fruit fly pests do not attack the flowerhead-feeder Trupanea dubautiae (Dip., Tephritidae). Journal of Applied Entomology 128, 716-722.

Bokonon-Ganta, A.H., Bernal, J.S., Pietrantonio, P.V., & Sétamou, M. 2003. Suvivorship and development of fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lep., Noctuidae), on conventional and transgenic maize cultivars expressing Baccilus thuringiensis Cry 9C and Cry1A(b) endotoxins. International Journal of Pest Management 49, 169-175.

Bokonon-Ganta, A.H., De Groote, H. & Neuenschwander, P. 2002. Socioeconomic impact of the biological control of mango mealybug, Rastrococcus invadens Williams (Hom., Pseudococcidae) in southern Benin. Ecosystems & Environment 93, 367-378.