Peace Club: Activities/Photos Fall 2003

The following events were sponsored or co-sponsored by the Peace Club with other organizations
including Maui Peace Action, Hawaii Institute for Human Rights, MCC Political Science Club,
GMO Free Maui, and MCC Associated Students

Maui Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day Community Peace Observance (8/6/2003)
• GMO Free Maui Information Event (8/10/2003)
• All Clubs Day - Tabling (8/27/2003)
• Video: The War Against the Third World with producer Frank Dorrel (8/28/2003)
Mayor Arakawa Proclamation: Peace Day (9/18/2003)
• Video: On the Beach (9/25/2003)
• Video: Paths to Peace: Hopes & Barriers with Noam Chomsky (10/3/2003)
• Video: Howard Dean's Platform / discussion with Bonnie McFadden & John Susich
• Video: Dennis Kucinich's Peace Platform / discussion with Ave Diaz of Kucinich Campaign
Dennis Kucinich Town Meeting (10/19/2003)
Bring the Troops Home Rally (10/25/2003)
• Video: Bowling for Columbine (11/7/2003)
• Potluck Picnic for Peace (11/23/2003)
• Video: Romero (11/14/2003)
• Video: Father Roy Inside the School of Assassins (11/21/2003)
• MCC Today: Peace Club Featured (11/22/2003)
Borders Gift Wrapping Fund Raiser (12/2003)