From: Chuck Carletta []
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 10:09 AM
To: Chuck Carletta
Subject: Meeting Notes for Committee on Technology and Academic Support
To:  Stragegic Plan Team Leaders, Committee Members
Following up on Suzette's suggestion at the Strategic Plan meeting, I am circulating our meeting notes to team leaders.

To:  Technical and Academic Support Staffing Committee


Fr:  Chuck Carletta


Re:  Meeting follow-up 11/5/03


Our committee met today and discussed the following items:


1) Chuck reviewed the highlights from the Strategic Plan Committee Meeting

·        To follow up on what was suggested at this meeting Chuck will forward our meeting notes to all other Strategic Plan Team Leaders (plus Marti & Donna)

·        Materials received from other committees relating to our goal will also be forwarded to those on our committee (Dorothy, Chuck, Kris, Deanna, Stuart and Cindy)


2) We discussed the overlap between our committee and Jeannie’s committee (Goal 1 Objective 1)

·        We decided that we would seek to stay informed on the staffing needs of Hana, Lanai and Molokai and include these in our report even though they will also be included in the report from the other committee. 


3) We discussed the details on positions requested from:  Computing Services, TLC, Business Lab, Library, Hana, Molokai and Lanai.  We had input on one Media Center request from Kate Sample but nothing from the Media Center yet.

·        Chuck will summarize the positions being requested in a spreadsheet and distribute to the group as a summary of our initial findings

·        We noted that some of the initial summaries had more complete statements of job responsibilities and justifications than others.  We will seek to improve in these areas as we proceed.

·        Chuck will follow up to find out if the positions from TLC are listed in priority order.


4) We discussed some of the problems associated with the fact that we have several different locations providing student access to computers:  TLC, Business Lab, Library, and informal labs in computer classrooms.

·        TLC and the Business Lab have similar needs for Lab Supervision and technical support over long periods of operation.

·        The Library has similar needs for supervision and technical support over the longest hours of operation but does not offer access to computers for non-specialized purposes such as word processing and other applications.

o       This has led to a situation of frustration and confusion for students who come to the Library seeking to do their work on a computer and are then redirected to either the Business Lab or the TLC depending on which is open at the time.

o       Dorothy suggested that for our planning purposes we should recognize the need to have the same hours and days of operation in the Library, TLC and the Business Lab.  These hours should be Mon-Thurs 8-8, Fri/Sat 8-4 and Summer Mon-Fri 10-6.

·        Chuck brought up the idea that perhaps all of the open labs should be combined in the lower level of the Library to provide service for the entire campus.  This idea was discussed but seemed to be beyond the scope of our committee.


We agreed to meet again next Wednesday 11/12 at 3:30 to continue our discussion and hopefully add in the positions from Media Services.