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Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 9:07 PM
To: Suzette Robinson; Jeannie Pezzoli; Karen Tanaka; Marti Wukelic; Donna HaytkoPaoa; Robyn Klein; Pat Adams; Debbie Winkler; Lynn Yankowski; David Grooms; Dorothy Tolliver; Sandra Swanson; Ron St. John; David Tamanaha; Wini Chung; Ki'ope Raymond; Marge Kelm; Kate Acks; Nancy Johnson; Diane Meyer; Cindy Foreman; Gloria Juday; Chuck Carletta; Kris Shibano; Deanna Reece; Stuart Zinner
Subject: Staffing Committee Meeting Notes

To:  Technical and Academic Support Staffing Committee / Strategic Plan Team Leaders / Outreach Center Coordinators (Molokai, Lanai, Hana)


Fr:  Chuck Carletta


Re:  Meeting follow-up 11/12/03


Our committee met today and discussed the following items:


1)  Additional modifications to the initial listing of requested positions were discussed.  Several positions for the Media Center were added in as requested by Deanna.  Additional input from Debbie was discussed.  We identified one position that was listed under two different areas.


2) As the various positions were discussed and compared it became clear that we are dealing with at least three different types of "new" positions.  We decided to reorganize our listing to reflect this.  The three categories in priority order are:

        Existing positions that are currently unfunded and consequently vacant (Director of The Learning Center and the Media Center's Cable Program Manager)

        Existing casual and temporary positions that are actually filled but need to become permanent positions.

        New positions that need to be created.


3) We discussed the need to get at least some information from other campuses in the UH system on the relative staffing levels for IT Specialists since this is such a large area of demand.


4) We had further discussion on the idea of bringing all of the open labs together in one central location (basement of the Library). 


5) We had a good discussion with Debbie about the staffing needs of  The Learning Center and their experience in maintaining open computer labs and their need for technical support for this.  We learned much about how the rapid increase in distance learning classes is creating significant new demands for testing coordination in TLC.  It was also noted that a significant shift toward testing on WebCT could alleviate some of this pressure.  (This is a good example of an area where the type of support provided might be a significant issue.  Should we provide more testing specialists to proctor traditional exams for distance classes or should we provide training and support for faculty teaching these classes to get more of them over to WebCT?)


6) We discussed the need to have Debbie from personnel come to one of our meetings to go over the position list with us and help us get the position titles right.  We will also need input from personnel to estimate costs of our proposed positions and we will need some expert input on some of the broader issues involved in such things as "converting casual and temporary positions to permanent positions".  It is clear to us that we are not personnel specialists and definitely need help.  It was agreed that we should ask Debbie to join us after we get our first draft of the position list completed.  We could offer to meet in the Wong Conference Room if this would work for Debbie.


7)  We scheduled our next meeting for December 3 and the following meeting for January 21.


8) Follow up items for this meeting: