Academic Senate Minutes



Present:          John Pye, Sally Irwin, Dorothy Tolliver, Sandra Swanson, Kate Acks, Jeffrey Marzluft, Laura Lees, Eric Engh, Charlene Gima, Kris Shibano, Lillian Mangum, Paula Purdy, Debbi Brown, Elena Alexander, Hiroko DeLeon, Devon Crowe, David Brass, Paul Levinson, Colleen Shishido, Dorothy Pyle, Nancy Johnson, Melody Bohn, Pat Adams, Ann Coopersmith, Bobby Santos, Alfred Wolf, Ann Emmsley

                        Ron St. John, Lee Stein, Chuck Carletta, Sanda Albers, Eric Engh.


Guests:           Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deane Neubauer

                        Acting Chancellor, flo wiger


Minutes April:                       


Motion to approve as revised by Eric Engh, second by Kate Acks.


Strategic Plan:           


Final Revised Strategic Plan (green) 2003 was circulated for Senate approval.  Ballots collected.  Ballots will be available in the Provosts office through May 14, 2003.  Pat Adams will fax the Strategic Plan to the neighbor islands and they may email their vote to Suzette.


Mahalo from Marge and the senate given to Pat Adams and all who participated.    


Individuals who attended Shared Governance rated importance of goals

and objectives.  Other members of the campus community can give input on priorities by placing votes on the sheets that will be placed in the Dean's office through May 16, 2003.


Over the summer and through the next academic year action plans will be expanded.




Classification of Liberal Arts Students-Moved by Frannie Coopersmith

and seconded by Alf Wolf.  Approved.


New Math Routing Map-Moved by Frannie Coopersmith and seconded by

Dorothy Pyle.  Approved.




Campus organization:           


Marge announced  (it was validated by VP Neubauer) that the President was planning to recommend to the BOR three administrative positions for MCC:  Chancellor, V. Chancellor, a third position--title yet to be determined but filling current dean of instruction role.


There was discussion about the structure,  roles and responsibilities of the positions.  Marge indicated that her understanding was that the Academic Senate would have input into the final structure.  The proposed structure included:


            Chancellor-External Affairs, fund raising, and fiscal with the

Director of Administrative affairs reporting to the Chancellor.


                                    Vice Chancellor-All academic programs


                                    "Third" position-assisting with the academic programs.


Marge indicated that structure beyond this was yet to be determined for example the lines of authority for University Center, Office of Community Ed & Training, and Student Services.


VP Deane Neubauer's Report to the Academic Senate


            President Dobelle has been reflecting on information that Deane brought back from his visit to the campus and to conversations the president has had with flo wiger and Clyde Sakamoto regarding campus organization.  The president is planning for three administrative positions on Maui, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and a third position.  The need for the third position was strongly made by campus members who met with VP Neubauer.  The president will be sending a letter to the campus community next week.  The president plans to recommend this structure to the Board of Regents.  The Board of Regents must approve the classification of Vice Chancellor on the Maui Campus. 


            Not all UH campuses will have the same structure due to differences in size, mission, and organization. 


            President and VP Neubauer expect that the faculty, through the academic senate, will have input into the final structure.  VP Neubauer recommended a delegated committee of the Academic Senate work over the summer to develop a draft of the organizational structure, in consultation with the Office of the VP for Academic Affairs.  This draft could be presented to the Academic Senate early in the fall semester.


            VP Neubauer indicated that the reorganization was on the agenda for the May BOR meeting.  However, due to changes in Regents and other issues facing the BOR, the agenda is being changed.  It is anticipated that that final vote on reorganization by the BOR will be in September or October.


            In response to a question about what would happen July 1, 2003 when Clyde Sakamoto returns to the Chancellor position, VP Neubauer stated that the campus would have a "de facto structure and that the roles will evolve."


            VP Neubauer stated that the campus would receive additional funds for the 3rd position and that a search committee would be formed to select the permanent individual for that position.


            Following VP Neubauer's presentation there was extensive discussion about the administration structure, job descriptions, and budgetary management. 


            Resolution by Bruce Butler, second by Alf Wolf, with friendly amendments:


"Academic Senate recommends the following structure:


            Chancellor -  External Affairs and Administrative Services.


Vice Chancellor - All campus academic activities including:  University Center,

OCET,  credit and non-credit instruction, faculty evaluation, tenure and promotion, and hiring, Student Services and  Academic Support."


            Resolution was voted by secret ballot- 29 accept, 8 reject resolution.  The resolution passed.  It was noted that this resolution was not circulated prior to the Academic Senate meeting.


Please note that this resolution is intended as a guideline over the summer.  During the summer, the Academic Senate Executive Committee and any other interested parties will meet to draft  a resolution on administrative structure for Senate approval in August 2003.


Resolution from Vinnie Linares:

            "In keeping with the goals and objectives of shared governance as defined and agreed upon by the campus community, and given that both system and local administrators are currently crafting an administrative restructuring of the College, be it resolved that before any final administrative restructuring is implemented at the College, it is thoroughly reviewed and voted upon by the Academic Senate before this academic year closes."  After discussion it was decided by consensus of the members present that this issue had been adequately addressed.


Campus Reorganization:  Frannie Coopersmith

            The reorganization was initially an experiment that was to be reevaluated.  It was evaluation at one year and at 2.5 years.  The second evaluation results were not circulated.  Marge indicated that the campus reorganization was delegated to the Academic Senate in Spring 2003, however, given the number of campus changes in place it was decided to delay addressing this issue. 


            Consensus decision from the members of the Academic Senate present-Consider evaluation of reorganization and possible revision of units during fall 2003 semester.


Campus Smoking Policy-Devon Crowe

            Resolution to make MCC a non-smoking campus with designated smoking areas.

Second by Bruce Butler.  Resolution approved.


Announcement:  Eric Engh

            There is an $18,000 grant that has funding for technology for classroom teachers.

Faculty interested in these funds should email , Eric Engh, Cindy Foreman, or Suzette Robinson to request funds.  The funds will be awarded over the next three weeks.



            Faculty members were encouraged to attend and march during graduation.  Marge will be on the Mainland.  Eric Engh will represent the Academic Senate and speak at the graduation.


Marge thanked the Academic Senate for a positive,  productive year.


Minutes submitted by Nancy Johnson