Present: Cyrilla Pascual, Lillian Mangum, Jan Moore, Bobby Santos, Lisa Sepa, Sandra Swanson, Jeffrey Marzluft, Wallette, Denise L. Cohen, Ann Coopersmith, Darryl Delacruz, Kuuip Lum, David Grooms, Dorothy Tolliver, Diane Meyer, Kate Acks, Marge Kelm, Catherine A. Thompson, Dan Kruse, BK Greisemer, Don Ainsworth, Donna Brown, Chuck Carlotta, Cynthia Foreman, Lynn Yankowski, Margaret Phanes, Alfred Wolf, Robyn Klein, Ron St. John, Eric Engh, Charlene Gima, Pat Adams, Ann Emmsley


Marge Kelm: Called the meeting to order 2:15 pm


Minutes:  Approval of Minutes:  Diane Meyer moved to approve the minutes for Febraury and March Robin Klein 2nd, passed unanimously.  Minutes for February and March approved.


Shared Governance Retreat:  Shared governance will be at Maui Prince, May 3rd 8:30-2:30.  Sign-up sheet passed around


Strategic Plan:  Final plan will be completed by next week.  Any changes must be submitted by next week.  Marge did remind everybody that it is a living document.  Pat Adams thanked for hours of work in organizing the strategic plan.


Countrywide Vision Project:  Focus Maui Nui:  Karen Muraoka presented that Maui Economic Board will be doing a 7 week grass roots  series of meetings in order to create a vision for all of Maui County.  They are looking for facilitators.  Cynthia Foramen and Denise Cohen volunteered.


Fund Raising: Marge Kelm discussed two fundraisers set for next year.  One in the Fall and one in the Spring.  Anticipation is that the Spring fundraiser would need total campus support with a event coordinator hired to facilitate it.


ABIT: Dan Kruse and David Grooms presented powerpoint presentation on income and expenditures from the degree program.  Full presentation has been disseminated via e-mail.


Curriculum:  Frannie Coopersmith discussed that forms for Banner have been approved no start date yet.


Distance Education:   Cynthia Foramen had a list of recommendations for instructors utilizing distance education.  



Frannie Coopersmith announced: A Service Learning Appreciation Celebration for Students will be Friday, April 25, 2003 11:00am-1:00pm in the Student Lounge.  If you have students who have participated in service learning please come

Denise Cohen announced:  Reminded everybody about the blood drive April 23, in the Student Lounge.  We have 200 signed up donors . GREAT JOB MCC.  If you want to donate we still have room to sign up

Denise also announced if traveling to Asia or Oceania a good idea would be to get a pneumonia vaccine.  It will not protect you against SARS but it will protect you against secondary bacterial infection.  Pneumonia vaccine the clinic carries protects against  23 different bacterial pneumonia including 6 different sub-types of Strep and Legionaire’s disease.


Thanks to Diane Meyer’s Unit, including Culinary Arts for the GREAT food.  It was much appreciated


FOOD for Next Academic Senate Meetings

May 9 – Pat Adam’ Unit

Meeting adjourned: 3:40pm 

Respectfully submitted

Denise Cohen, Secretary