Maui Community College

Unit Personnel Procedures


These procedures will take effect _________________2003, for all Unit DPC’s in compliance with  provisions and have been developed in accordance with Article I, “2003-2005 Agreement between the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly and the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii.”


Article X of the 2003-2005 UHPA/BOR Agreement states:  “Written Department or Division Personnel Committee (DPC) procedures shall at a minimum provide for (a) secret ballot voting at all final votes; (b) strict exclusion from voting of any individual who is not a tenured bargaining unit 07 member over the tenure or contract renewal of another Faculty Member; and (c) allowing only Faculty Members of equal or higher rank to vote on applications for promotions; and (d) procedures for the orderly review of dossiers at the Department or Division level.”


“Non-tenure track bargaining unit members may participate in the establishment of DPC policies and procedures, and they may also take part in the discussions of the Personnel Committee if the Department or Division has voted to include these Faculty Members in such deliberations.”


For purposes of these Unit Personnel guidelines, the MCC faculty is divided into Divisions/Units.  Outreach faculty from Molokai, Lanai and Hana will be considered part of the division in which resides their teaching discipline.  Also, all references to Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs shall refer to the Maui Community College Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


  1. DPC Membership/Selection


    1. All DPC members will be selected by the Unit Chair (or designee) at the beginning of each Fall Semester and will serve for the academic year.
    2. Divisions/Units may each decide whether to select one DPC for all personnel actions or separate DPC’s for each action.
    3. Only tenured faculty may serve as voting members on a DPC and at least one member shall be from the applicant’s discipline, wherever possible.
    4. The usual number of DPC members is three.
    5. Faculty shall not serve on reciprocal DPC’s in the same year.
    6. Every attempt will be made to have one faculty member serve consistently on a DPC throughout an individual’s probationary period.  This person does not need to be the DPC Chair.
    7. If a vacancy arises, the DPC Chair, in consultation with the Unit Chair, will select a replacement.
    8. The applicant may exclude participation by other department members where the candidates believes that a conflict exists that would prevent the Faculty Member’s fair evaluation of a tenure or promotion application made by the candidate.


  1. DPC Chair Selection



    1. With the approval of the Unit Chair, the DPC will select its own Chair by consensus.
    2. The DPC Chair serves for one Academic year but may be selected as many times as needed, with the annual approval of the Division Chair/Unit Chair.


  1. DPC Recommendations


    1. The presence of all voting DPC members is necessary for any discussion/action to take place.
    2. The DPC will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, and the Chair of the DPC shall be responsible for the writing of the consensus opinion of the committee. 
    3. The members of the DPC then should be polled as to whether they want to make a recommendation for or against tenure/promotion.  If a recommendation is made, all members present at the DPC meeting vote.  No abstentions are allowed.  A majority decision of the committee shall prevail.  If the decision is not unanimous, the minority members of the committee may submit a minority report.  The minority report should be appended as part of the DPC’s report.
    4. A DPC recommendation is required for all contract renewal applications, except those for Acting Appointments.


  1. Review and Update of Procedures


    1. Copies of the approved DPC procedures will be filed with the Union.  Copies shall also be retained in the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
    2. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will initiate a review of the DPC procedures after a request has been brought up at a Vice Chancellor’s meeting.  A draft will be prepared and discussed in Units and the policy may be revised or not.
    3.  The proposed revision shall be sent through the Vice Chancellor to the Chancellor and the union for review and approval.  Approved amended procedures shall be filed with the Union and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.