Information for contract renewal documents:


Approximately 15 pages

Double spaced

12 pt. type, either Times New Roman or Arial


Outline to follow:


I. Primary duties (includes teaching and assigned time activities)


To be included in this section:


        Your teaching philosophy: include (but is not limited to) your personal feelings about who your students are and how they learn. It should be no more than a page or a page and one-half.

        Classes you teach: include your student learning objectives for each class you teach, what you are doing in class to see that your students achieve those objectives, and how you know your students have achieved them. Use concrete language with specific examples. Include an assessment of your student and peer evaluations. Tell what, if any, difference the evaluations have made in your teaching. Include a few relevant quotes from evaluations.

        Assigned time activities: for each activity, describe what you are doing (or did), what difference it makes, and how it ties in with student learning objectives.

        Include a description of what you have done as a result of suggestions made to you by your DPC or Vice Chancellor on the document written before this one.


II. Professional/Self development activities

        Describe each relevant activity and tell what difference it made for you and for your students. (What was the outcome?)


III.                College/Community service activities

        This section is divided into two headings, College Service and

Community Service. In each section, describe each relevant activity and tell what difference it made for you, for your students, and for the College or community. (What was the outcome?)


IV.               Goals for the future

        Include a report of your progress on goals you set for yourself in a previous document.

        Describe what realistic goals you have for the coming year and how they will affect your students. In your next document you will discuss your progress towards these goals.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to have someone proofread your document for content and for mechanics (grammar and spelling). This may need to be two different people.

(English teachers are usually happy to help with mechanics.)