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UH etravel site with procedures and policies help at etravel-help@hawaii.edu and technical website help at etravel-tech@hawaii.edu.
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Newspapers and News Sources

The Globe and Mail
The Guardian
New York Times
LA Times
The Washington Post
Notimex (Spanish Language)
The News (Mexico City - English)

Al Jazeera
Albany (NY) Times Union
Albany (OR) Democrat Hearld
Bandon, OR (worldlink)
Binghamton Press Sun-Bulletin
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Capitol Hill Blue
Chicago Defender
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
CocoNET Wireless
Columbia Journalism Review
Common Dreams
Congressional Record
Counter Punch
FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
Financial Times
(Ft Bragg, CA) Advocate-News
(Gualala, CA) Independent Coast Observer
The Guardian
The Hancock Herald
The Hawaii Independent
Hawaii News Now KGMB
Hawaii Public Radio
Hawaii Reporter
Honolulu Advertiser
(Honolulu) Civil Beat - Peer News
Honolulu Weekly
(Honolulu) Star Advertiser
Honolulu Star Bulletin
Ian Lind online
Information Clearing House
Irish American News
The Irish Echo
The Irish Voice
The Irish Times
LA Times
Le Monde
Media for Democracy
Media Watch
Miami Herald
Mother Jones
Nation of Change
New York Times
Northcoast Journal
The Onion
(Olympic) Peninsula Daily News
Oneonta Daily Star
Pacific Business News
Center for Public Integrity
US Public Interest Research Groups
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Project Censored
The Register
The Sacramento Bee
The San Francisco Chronicle
Seattle Times
Statesman Journal
Times of London
Toledo Blade
Tom Paine
Truth Out
Wall Street Journal
The Walton Reporter
Washington Post
World Watch

Blogs etc.

Mike Dobson's Wildlife Photography
Mike Dobson's Telemapics Blog
41 Latitude
Vizworld graphics news
Brian Nearing's Green Blog
Andrew Revkin's Dot Earth Blog
Larry Kirwan Black 47 Blog
Google LatLong Blog
Spatial Reserves: guide to public domain spatial data
Digital Mapping Blog
Kelso Cartography Blog
As The Crow Flies Cartography ATCFC
Nomads' Orcas Building
Ren Vasiliev - Art Site
crazy atom orbit
James Howard Kunstler
Bill Bonner's Daily Reckoning
Smirking Chimp
Peak Oil: Life After the Oil Crash: Breaking News
Charles Hugh Smith's blog
George Ure
Denninger Ticker , Home
There Are Places seems broken 6/2015
Ron Eastman's Earth System Trends
Geospatial Data Report: Finding and Using GIS data
Donald Brown --- Climate Ethics
GeoCurrents - Martin Lewis
Keith's Travels
Happy news

The Cosmic Kitchen

Social Science and Space

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science


Peter Russell
U.S. National Debt Clock

OnLine (Some GIS) Education

FOSS4GAcademy teaching with QGIS.
Khan Academy

GIS Industry Organizations and News Links:

GIS Domain - jobs? industry social networking? would be hub? new 10/2010
GIS and Science
ACM SIGSPATIAL newsletters
GIS Development
Directions Magazine
Spatial News
The Geocommunity
About.com -> GIS
Web-Mapper 'zine for 3D creators
Open GIS Consortium
UCGIS - University Consortium for GIS
GIS specific Web Search Engine

Cartography Organizations

North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS)
AAG Cartography Specialty Group (CSG)
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
Canadian Cartographic Association (CCA)
The British Cartographic Society (BCS)
International Cartographic Association (www.ICACI) or (ICCAI)
NY Map Society

FOSS GIS - Free & Open Source GIS Links

Mazama Science
AFF --- census and shapefiles to KML
GRASS - Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
QGIS -Quantum GIS
GMT - Generic Mapping Tools
Foss-GIS-Suite discussion-archives
Map Tools Store
DM Solutions
Open Source Geospaitial Foundation

Interesting map sites on the web

Views of the World: worldmapping beyond mere description
"22 Most Amazing Maps"
Nature Conservancy Climate Wizard
Dissatisfied Arc user? It could be worse. (PG-13)
Mark Harrower / Cartography 2.0
USA Today's Hospital Death Rate query-graphic (Here, it seems that the map is wasted, a thematically undifferentiated, spatial list to access piecemeal data charts.)
Boston Public Library
World Factbook Map access
USGS National Map Viewer
World Mapper - Dan Dorling
fboweb-Google Earth air space map (20060317)
UNDP/GRID-Arendal Arctic Maps and Graphics
NASA World Wind
Nikolas Schiller kalidoscope like art from aerial photographs and... Google's D.C. redactions
Earmark Watch mashup

Cartography sites of note:

History of Cartography (vols 1, 2, and 3 online and free)
Cities of the world
World Mapper
Maps in Literature
New Scientist - The Atlas of the Real World
Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data Visualization: An illustrated chronology of innovations ---- by Michael Friendly and Daniel J. Denis
"To the Mountains of the Moon: Mapping African Exploration, 1541-1880"

Cartography Discussions on the Web

XY Project US National Grid (USNG)
Free (the) UK data! here and here.
Cartotalk (Cartotalk)
Coordinates. Online journal of the Map and Geography Round Table, American Library Association. Coordinates

Geography Organizations

The Association of American Geographers (AAG)
AAG's Applied Geogrpahy Specialty Group (AGSG)
AAG Microcomputer Specialty Group (MSG)
mail: aag-msg@hawaii.edu
AAG Spatial Analysis and Modeling (nee Mathematical Modeling and Quantitative Methods) Specialty Group (SAM)
mail: sam@geog.utah.edu
The Geographer's Craft (GC)
University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS)

Some Geographic Data Sources...

OpenTopography High-reso topographic data and tools
U.S. Gov't open access data
GEBCO world topo/bathy 30 arc sec
Natural Earth
Map World (China's GE)
Map World (China's GE preferred route )
Earth Explorer
National Historical GIS - NHGIS
Aster GDEM (Global Digital Elevation Model)
True Marble
East View Cartographic ?
Aster and Modis Data
NOAA Coastal Change Data
SRTM 90m DEM data
or SRTM 90m DEM data
California Coastline
NIMA new product portal
2000 Census TIGER/Line files:
from US Census in zipped native format
from ESRI in .SHP format
SEDAC Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center

UHM Geography hourly Trimble GPS base station data directory
UHM Geography hourly Magellan GPS base station data (see GPS) in here
NPS GPS system at Kona. here
Honolulu C&C GIS
USGS Geodata
US National Geospatial Data Clearing House
US Census Bureau
Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
EPA (spatial information by zipcode!)
Microsoft TerraServer
National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) Geomagnetic Field Synthesizer Program to calculate magnetic declination for a date and a place here
MIT's digital orthophotoquad server
Alexandria Digital Library
MapQuest maps
Microsoft Home Advisor
Geography Network
(USGS) Global Self-consistant Hierarchical High-resolution Shorelines. See here , or , or
GIS data depot (Over a Terabyte of Free Data!)
GDT - Geographic Data Technology
U Michigan --- Historic Census Publications
The World Bank's Open Data initiative is "intended to provide all users with access to World Bank data. The data catalog is a listing of available World Bank data sources. This listing will continue to be updated as additional data resources are added. These resources include databases, pre-formatted tables and reports. Each of the listings includes a description of the data source and a direct link to that source. Where possible, the databases are linked directly to a selection screen to allow users to select the countries, indicators, and years they would like to search. Those search results can be exported in different formats. Users can also choose to download the entire database directly from the catalog."
World-wide Human Geography Data Working Group (wwhgd.org )

Some Geography Links:

Places On Line

Some GIS Links:

Oddens' Bookmarks (database with 12,500+ cartography links) by Roelof P. Oddens, Map Collection, Faculteit Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen, Universiteit Utrecht, P.O. Box 80.115 3508 TC Utrecht, The Netherlands, tel. +31 30 253 4401, r.oddens@geog.uu.nl, Homepage Map Collection: http://kaartenzaal.geog.uu.nl/

Some GIS Software (and vendor) Links:

David Wong Census uncertainty tool
S-GeMS Stanford Geostatistical Modeling Software
Intergraph MGE
Caliper Transcad

Bruce Ralston's TGR2KML - Tiger Polygons to kml polygons

Open Journals, etexts, and Books on-line

Geoscience e-Journals
Directory of Open Access Journals
e-perimtron history of cartography and maps
DOAJ-Directory of Open Access Journals
Police Foundation - Crime Mapping
Free Tech Book clearing-site
Internet Public Library
Open Library
Internet Text Archive
Project Gutenberg
Gutenberg archive mirror
Geographical Analysis back issues on-line


World of Uncertainty

Used Books

Powell's Books
Bookride - commentary on book-selling


ASUS EEE PC links:
ASUS EEE Hacks blog
ASUS EEE update repository
EEE User

Operating Systems Wars:
The NT vs UNIX debate
More NT-woes

GNU, Stallman & FSF GNU

EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation home

Open Source Movement
Eric S. Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar
MS's Halloween Documents

Linux outlets, news, etc
Poseidon - a disto for science
Linux Today
Scientific Software for Linux
Linux programming
Linux Central CDs
Walnut Creek CDROM (now by Wind River)
Cheap Bytes
Linux on limited machines

UNIX Stuff
The Open Group
a Unix History page
The vi Lovers Home Page
AT&T V7 manuals
A website for Unix Gurus.
Unix skills test
Free Solaris
Free software for Solaris
Celeste's Solaris Modem Tutorial

NT Stuff (including Unix tools for NT)
TUCOWS(The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software)
Hamilton Labs.
NT Command Line Interface
GROFF for Windows (95/98/NT) WinGROFF
egcs (C compiler) for Cygwin32 and Mingw32 here, here, or here
GNU text utilities for MS-DOS

Maxwell wp for Linux
HTML converters
MS Word .DOC on Unix
Portable HTML advice: w3 org and anybroswer campaign

Printer Tracking
seeing yellow

Java Stuff

Liechester Java Programming for Spatial Science course
Sun's Java Documentation
Java for Operations Research
JShape ShapeFile viewer applet
Java resource & FAQ
INT's J/GIS Java components

Web Tools

Merlot - resources for teaching on the web.

Miscelaneous time savers and wasters:
calculations and conversions
The anagram server
The DADA Engine

Travel agents on line:

Data Visualizaton and VRML

OpenDX !
Data-to-VMRL tools Ctech
Scientific Vis w/ Wavefront's TAV as QuickTime Animation
VRML Works Rev. Bob Crispen's site
DigitMag magazine for 3D creators

http://www.crc.ca/FreeWRL/> FreeWRL a VRML viewer for unix by John Stewart (john.stewart@crc.ca)
Also, look on the Geog487 and Geog761/2 pages.

HCI, Interfaces, and Vision

HCI resourses
the HCI Bibliography
HCI-related periodicals
HCI Theses in Progress
reputedly some resources

HCI Advice on line
hcirn review of color-related issues
Jakob Neilsen's article on "discount usability"
"Using color effectively"

Why it matters
The Interface Hall of Shame

Online color vision tests (may depend on your monitor):

Vision and Visual Illusions:
optical-illusions-by-latisse.html (Many thanks to Leila's class at PTE for pointing out this one!)
The human eye vs CCD vs film
echalk optial illusions

Canoes, Kayaks, Sailing & Boat Building

Cape Falcon Kayak
Kayak (building) forum
American Canoe Association ACA
Tom Yost's site
ACA Sailing Committee ACA SC
US IC 10m Sailors IC 10m
IC Lines
Mark Smaalders' Yatch Designs
Proa Boat proas
James Wharram Catamarans
Ted Warren's Multihulls
Paper Boats
Some 2-Sheeter's here or more directly and here Husky
polytarp sails
square boats
Strip and ply canoe plans reputedly at: Bateau , glen-l , and clarkcraft (has canvas kayak plans ~$30).
Folding Trimaran
Polynesian Voyaging Society
paper mache
Marathon Boat, nee Grumman Canoe
Hornbeck Boats
Monark Boats???
"Boat Building Community"
Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
Vanguard aluminium boats
Sunfish, Laser, Optimist etc.
Northwest Canoe
Scott Canoe/Mid-Canada Fiberglass
Clipper Canoes (Western Canoeing - big canoes)
links to various sailboat classes
Gavin Atkin's boat design site
Adding a sail to a canoe: Fivelakes and this, -from spacer.conrad-nospam-@mailcity.com.
Plans for viking boats, ships and an authentic viking canoe :-) Viking Boats and Ships magazine and Portalen - From gwarner@algonet.se Sat Jun 3 15:14:12 HST 2000
Free canoe plans in Danish From KG@nkt-research.dk Fri Aug 18 14:39:38 HST 2000 here.
Design software:
Hulls (free, no compound curvature)
suppliers of various reinforced and regular rubber and pvc skins. (From: Michael Fischer Subject: [baidarka] liner as skin)
Boat sellers: 2hulls , soundings, boat trader , and bucnet.
car top catamaran
square canoe pics (aka "The Coffin" aka "Canoe Squared" aka "The Rock Magnet")
'Michlet' program to estimate the effect of rocker on the hydrodynamic drag of the hull.

Free Plans pointers From Rhett Davis: Jacques Mertens -D4
Ira Einsteen- The Herring Skiff
Ira Einsteen- Double Paddle Dory
Andrew Gibbens - Scow
Herb McLeod - One Sheet Skiff
Forest & Stream Tender
Five Dollar Skiff
Tim Mayeux - Cajun Skiff or Pirogue
Doug Garmon- Kayak
The Sailing Canoe Page link
Catsailor Magazine
On the Wire - eZine
Two Hulls
Crusing Cat

Electric Cars

EV convert
Electro Automotive


The International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association (IDNIYRA)

Also iceflyer .

Four Lakes Ice Yatch Club 4LIYC .

Cellular Automata, A-Life and John Conway's Game of Life

Start with ALife online. It has lots of good pointers.

Power Wagons

Power Wagon Advertiser

Other Things

Neighborhood Boards
Board 5

Weird Al Live 1999 , 2015 Mandatory Fun .
Polka Jammer Network
polka connection free reed CDs
Josh Paxton project transcription of James Booker
Alan Lomax's Global Jukebox
Oscar Brand's Folksong Festival
The Wandering Madman aka Fro on youtube: The Sermon , Brainchild , How you wasted it
Local 677
Rich Crandall
hI musicians
original Honolulu Jazz Scene (but see this )
other Honolulu Jazz Scene
Blues Before Sunrise - Steve Cushing
Jazz After Hours - (Jim Wilke) Jeff Hanley

Salsa Web Hawaii
la musica
oasis salsero
Salsa Aloha

Paddy Rock Celtic Rock and Punk
TABS/archived are links to other pages with tablature.
The Reel Book Fred Parcells's transcriptions of 1,739 Irish tunes.

Old Recordings
Vinyl Preservation Project
Archeophone Records

SEC filings on line: www.sec.gov

IRCA Home Page

E-Print Services:
Los Alamos National Laboratory E-Print Archive
Social Science Research Network

Sites for finding people

directory of public-records dbs
peoplelookup.com $
people finders $
public records now $
intelius $

Other "Matt McGranaghan"s:

One's a great fiddle player in Donegal, Ireland.
One's a neuroscientist who plays tennis at Lafayette in NJ.

Stuff to sort into the right places:


Calculus On the Web (an interactive calculus I and II course) COW

I am not sure what to make of the "actual size" claim but... CYBERATLAS Series: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Search for virtually anything using the Internet's first map of the United States of America rendered in actual size. http://www.thecorporation.com/oneoffs/96/mapusa/mapusa.html

User Interface Engineering's journal "Eye For Design" article about testing to discover 'Five Traits of Successful Wizards' in their Sep/Oct 97 issue is online

USGS software to view 7.5 minute DEMs in DEM or SDTS format

Check out these articles from The Casual Cartographer:
The Ellipsoid - Part I September 1998
Datums Part III - Converting Coordinates Between Datums August 1998
Datums Part II - Datums History July 1998
Datums Part 1 - What is a Datum ? June 1998

East View Cartographic topical map for the week

Link to UH digital dissertations for UH users is on the Library's Dissertations and Theses page: (here). More generally check the UMI dissertation search page.
The full text journal database JSTOR

Coding systems used to identify geographic areas. The primary source for this information is FIPS 10-4 (Countries, dependencies, areas of special sovereignty, and their principal administrative divisions). For water bodies and non-sovereign geographic areas, IMA maintains the "Water body reference data set," a two character alpha-numeric code list. Additionally, when the geographic area is a populated place, NIMA codes the country from FIPS 10-4 and also records the place name, as approved by BGN.

Other things to worry about...
Carrington-class Solar Flares