Geography and GIS Jobs


Several recent items indicate that prospects are good for those with a geographer's perspective, critical thinking, and technical skills. See:

"Geography in the Workforce" by AGS President Jerry Dobson.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook entry for Geographers . (The pay is good, but the job count down a little. Does that suggest that the supply of geographers may be too low?)

The New Cartographers from Science Magazine.

Future U.S. Workforce for Geospatial Intelligence a report from the National Research Council --- a free download.

A recent linkedin posting examines several aspects of the "GIS education to industry" landscape. It includes lots of recent links to GIS Job relevant sites.

Career Advice

The AAG's Jobs and Careers site offers some pointers.

AAG Guide to Departments

Web Sites that advertise jobs:

Disclaimer: this is not an endorsement of any of these sites, just a compilation to make life easier for the interested. More up-to-date information might be gathered with a bit of web searching. -Matt
GeoSearch, Inc.
The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
AAG JIG (Association of American Geographers Jobs in Geography) mostly lists academic jobs.

GeoWeb Electronic Job News:

Duane Marble wrote "Students who are looking for jobs in GIS should check out the Computer Terrain Mapping website which has pointers to everything."

ESRI's Careers page

The GISRS-JOBS Mail list archives

The GeoCommunity ( free GIS or geo related classified ads.


The City and County of Honolulu lists jobs on-line. C&C jobs.

U.S. Government jobs. Search for "geographer" and/or "cartographer" on

Follow the comp.infosystems.gis newsgroup and also if your news server carries it.

The GeoCommunity Career Center has relocated to

Other approaches:

Keith Clarke noted that, "The Cartography and Geographic Information Society has completed a new version of the popular guide 'Careers in Cartography and GIS.' The document is now both a glossy color brochure and a web site. We hope to keep the web site up to date, and periodically update the brochure for reprinting. Approximately 10,000 have been distributed so far. Copies are available for purchase in bulk at the ACSM headquarters, contact information at: The on-line version is at:"