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Makers - wooden flutes - "traditional" conic bore
Casey Burns
Clive Catterall Flutes
Cooperman Fife & Drum
Tony Dixon
Hamilton Flutes old
Hamilton Flutes
(Skip) Healy Flute Co.
Terry McGee Flutes
M & E Flutes
Sweetheart Flutes (Ralph Sweet)
Chris Wilkes

Makers - wooden Boehm
The Abell Flute Company (Boehm)
Robert Bigio, Flute Maker (Boehm) stoppers
Woodlight Flute Heads (stoppers)

Makers - metal etc.
Matit (carbon fiber) Flutes
Lopatin (square tone hole) Flutes
UMI - Artley, Armstrong, Conn, etc

Or just look at this large listing from Mostlywind / Carole B. Miller

Some Sellers
Used Flutes listings
J. L. Smith and Co. (Charlot, NC)
Flute World (Farmington Hills, MI)
Flute Center of New York
Flutacious! (Los Angeles, CA)
The Flute Exchange (Boulder, CO)
The Whistle Shop
Kessler & Sons (Las Vegas, NV)
Tony Bingham (Old Instruments's)

Charanga Links
Charangoa (Fay Roberts)
Orchesta Broadway (Eddy Zervigon)
Charanga Flute

Web Etc.
Jen Cluff - Sightreading
David Migoya's repair/sell
Flute & Whistle Sound Sample Page
(Be a Fifer)
Fife & Drum
Small Circle Tune Learning Session
the virtual flute (UNSW)

Some players I'm listening to now:
Andrea Brachfeld
Antonio Arcano
Art Webb
Danilo Lozano
Dave Valentin
Jane Bunnett
Jessica Valiente
Joe Camoura
Jose Fajardo
Richard Egues
Mauricio Smith
Nestor Torres
Mark Weinstein

More things to learn about:
Paul Rabinov (sp?) LA repairs
Michael Copeland "America's foremost maker of Irish-style flutes"
Orquest La Moderna Tradicion