A Call for University Openness

22 July 2003

The university's secrecy with respect to several contracts, which has been revealed in several recent news stories, appalls me. Universities are about open inquiry. They are predicated on the assumption that access to information is good. By having access to a more complete set of facts, we can all make better assessments and decisions about the way things are, can, and should, be.

I believe that the public good would be better served by full, open, and honest disclosure of June Jones' contract details.

I believe similarly that full, open, and honest disclosure of the details of the contracts associated with the development of the Kakaako Waterfront, Varsity Theater Site, UH-West Oahu, and all other UH construction is in the best interest of the state, its citizens, and its officials.

Without openness there is no reason for trust. Without trust there is no reason for hope. And we have a lot staked on "hope".