A Piñata for Our Times

This interlude is dedicated to the notion that sometimes a creative act is the best way to channel your angst. Make a work of art to focus that energy; if it's a piñata, so much the better. Let the therapeutic whacking begin.

As (KTUH DJ) Mano Lopez might say, "Ah yes, my friends, you can beat it with a stick!"

This is quick, fun and inexpensive therapy. Several inflated balloons were taped together to form an armature. A couple of newspapers were ripped into strips (1" by 8" or so) and some white glue was thinned (about 50/50 with water). The strips were dipped and stuck on the form. About seven layers of news print seemed plenty stiff. A loop of string was incorporated for suspension.

Facial features ears were molded onto the head. Cardboard forms for ears and cowboy boots were similarly embeded in the paper mache. Once the piñata dried, the balloons were popped and a hole opened in the back so that treats and surprises could be placed inside. The hole was sealed with more paper mache.

The piñata was painted, from the tips of its boots to the top of its greying head. The blue suit brings out more dignity that this enterprise should warrant. The tissue paper necktie provided a final festive finishing flourish.


As you can imagine, building and painting a piñata can be quite refreshing. It engages and focuses your creative energies in ways that objectify your angst. All as a prelude to the cathartic release of all of those goodies. Unless you find that your nurturing, non-destructive side has taken over.