Geog 761 Schedule Spring 2008

Week Topic and Readings Hands On
1 Introductions & Expectations Tracking Analyst & Python
2 O'Sullivan (2005), Miller (2005), Unwin & Fisher (2005)
ArcGIS Tracking Analyst Tutorial
GL 1; DP 1
ArcGIS Tracking Analyst
3 GL 2-3 Python
4 GL 4-5
5 GL 6-7
6 GL 8-9
7 DP 2-3
8 DP 4-5
9 DP 6-7
10 DP 8-9
11 DP 10-11
12 DP 12-13
13 DP 14-15
14 TBD
15 TBD
16 Presenatations

Main readings:

Peuquet, Donna J. (2005) Representations of Space and Time,

Langran, Gail (1992) Time in Geographic Information Systems, and

O'Sullivan, David (2005). "Geographical information science: time changes everything" Progress in Human Geography 29(6)749-756.

Miller, Harvey (2005) "What about People in Geogrpahic Information Science?" ch 16 in Fisher and Unwin (eds) Re-presenting GIS

Unwin and Fisher (2005) "Conclusion: Towards a Research Agenda" ch 19 in Fisher and Unwin (eds) Re-presenting GIS

(maybe) Ott and Swiaczny (2001) Time-Integrative Geographic Information Systems

(maybe) George Cristakos, Patrick Bogaert, and Marc Serre (2002) Temporal GIS

Supplemental Gleanings...

Each week each participant will prepare a one page summary either (1) expanding the treatment of one of the references cited in the week's reading, or (2) a refereed research article in their area of interest that pertains to time in GIS. Either way, please bring hardcopy of your summary for each of us and be prepard to inject this into the discussion.

Grading and Requirements:

Reading, discussion, the gleanings mentioned above and some software exploratino of space-time models for GIS are expected and required (50%).

A seminar paper and presentation integrating the course material with a focus of particular interst to you (50%).

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