Course Announcement

Geog 761 --- Research Seminar in Cartography:
Space-Time in GIS

Instructor: Matt McGranaghan
Office: PSB 313, Ph. 956-7092,
Meeting: TBA - Maybe Monday 3:30-4:45 PM and Thursday 10:00-11:30 AM? Maybe two early evenings? Let me know preferences!

Purpose: The purpose of this offering of Geog 761 is to examine recent literature on time and space in GIS representation and analysis. Peuquet (2005) Representations of Space and Time, Langran (1992) Time in Geographic Information Systems, and Ott and Swiaczny (2001) Time-Integrative Geographic Information Systems will provide the core conceptual content. Emerging GIS applications (e.g. Location Based Services (LBS), data mining, and space-time tracking) seem to need robust space-time modelling capabilities, but current commercial GIS software is generally regarded as "weak" in modelling space-time. (See David O'Sullivan's 2005 article "Geographical Information science: time changes everything", in Progress in Human Geography v 29, n6, pp749-756 for an assessment of the situation.) Consequently, we will use the Python programming language to experiment with the concepts and extend GIS. Students will come away with (1) familiarity with literature in this domain and (2) GIS programming skills to apply in their own work.

Pre-requisites: Interest in learning and addressing the limits of current GIS modelling of phenomena in space-time. At least some experience using a GIS will be assumed. Some programming experience would be helpful, but some class time will be dedicated to this. Willingness (to engage with the topic, do the readings, experiment with implementing the ideas, and report the results in a seminar paper) is the primary pre-requisite.

Grading and Requirements: Reading, discussion and programming to explore space-time models for GIS are expected and required (50%). A seminar paper integrating the course material with a focus of particular interst to you (50%).

Interested? Potential students are encouraged to contact Matt McGranaghan at 956-7092 or to discuss their background, interests, and how this seminar might work for them. Advanced undergraduates might be accomodated --- I'm looking into this.

Last Updated 26 October 2007