Geography 696
ProSeminar II
Weekly Reports

The assignment:

Each week you will write a one page review of a research article in your sub-discipline, and several of you will be asked to make a brief presentation of the article that you found, so that the group can consider the design and execution of the research.

This review should contain the following:

The format of the write ups should follow those points.

Please draw your articles from major journals in your (sub-) discipline. If you have trouble identifying suitable journals, consult with your adviser and with me.

To facilitate presentation of the research one page summary outlines may be needed (I am checking with the office about permission on this).

There are several points to this exercise:

  1. exploration of your literature
  2. examination of its research design, methods and presentation style
  3. practice presenting scientific results
  4. exposure to each other's literature
The criteria for evaluating the weekly reports are clarity of presentation and insight in assessment.