GEOG/TPSS 680 Schedule
Fall 2009

Readings from Webster and Oliver, Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists , (marked W&O) and Diggle and Ribeiro, Model-Based Geostatistics, (marked D&R), both of which are on reserve in Sinclair library (on the 4th floor in the Wong AV Center) under call numbers PC#130 and PC#131, respectively.

Week Topic
1 Intro to course content, requirements and participants.
Read: W&O Chap 1 & Appendix A.
Lab: 00 Data in Surfer, ArcGIS and R
2 Review basic aspatial descriptive statistics, interpolation. Spatial variability and regionalized variable theory. Autocorrelation and impacts on statistical analysis.
Read: W&O Chap 2
Lab: (cont.) Getting started with R
3 Prediction and interpolation.
Read: W&O Chap 3. Skim D&R 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.4-2.7
4 Characterizing spatial processes: Covariance and Variogram.
Read: W&O Chap 4. D&R Chap 4 (?)
Lab: Getting Variograms .
5 Estimating and Modelling the Variogram
Read: W&O Chap 5 & 6. D&R Chap 5.
6 Krigging
Read: W&O Chap 8.
Lab: Finally... kriging.
7 Cross-correlation, coregionalization, co-krigging
Read: W&O Chap 9.
Lab: co-kriging the Jura data.
8 Disjunctive kriging
Read: W&O Chap 10.
Midterm Exam
Lab: Disjunction at Broom's Barn Farm .
9 "Model-based" (re?)considered... kriging in context?
Read: D&R Preface, Chap 1 - 3.
Lab: Simulation .
10 Generalized linear models for geostatistical data
Read: D&R Chap 4.
11 Classical parameter estimation
Read: D&R Chap 5.
Due: Term Project Proposal.
12 Spatial Prediction
Read: D&R Chap 6.
Lab: 04 Bayesian approach
13 Bayesian Inference
Read: D&R Chap 7.
14 Geostatistical design
Read: D&R Chap 8.
15 Student Presentations
16 ...continued.