680 Lab 6 - Sequential Gaussian Simulation

Objective: The lab's main objective is check out sequential Gaussian simulation. You'll probably opt to use ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst's facilities but see below for an R option. If you are feeling really in sync with W&O, you can try GSLIB.

Data: Just one data set this time (again, like the W&O example, sorry it's not more adventurous):


  1. If you have not done it yet, read the Arc documentaiton on geostatistical layers and on Gaussian simulation. (Bonus if you find simulated annealing as an option in arc and tell us where.)
  2. Then, try it --- simulate several realizations of the surface. Compare them (visually or analytically) with each other and with the kriged surface.


    Try the examples in D&R section 3.13, as they are presented on pages 74-76. (This would get you away from both Arc and Brooms' Barn Farm for a bit.)
  3. What do you notice about the tool? (Do you get a chance to specify the model that W&O fit? To specify how many times to simulate the surface? Are there both conditioned and unconditioned options? Does the software let/make you keep and/or examine all of the several realizations? Does it provide summary information on the set of simulated surfaces?)
  4. Report what you've found.

Deliverable: A brief (maximum 5 pages) report addressing your assessment of the technique.

Due: in two weeks.