680 Lab 3 - At long last, kriging

Objective: The lab's main objective is examining how the several software packages (Surfer, ArcGIS (Geostatistical Analyst), and R (geoR?) present implement kriging by interpolating (estimating) surfaces from one of our data sets.

Data: Just one variable this time:


  1. Replicate, as well as you can, the surfaces of exchangable potassium and of estimation variances for both "punctual" and 10 m by 10 m "block" kriging (Webster and Oliver, Figures 8.14 - 8.21), in each of our three programs (Surfer, Arc, R). (Do the models Webster and Oliver used seem to be the best fit(s)? Are others better?)
  2. Compare the results from the three environments. Are they producing the same or similar results? Do they all look like what (apparently) Genstat did? (You may want to calculate difference surfaces to facilitate the comparisons.)

Deliverable: A brief (maximum 5 pages) report addressing your assessment of the comparison.

Due: in two weeks.