Geography 487 - Advanced Computer-Assisted Cartography

Matthew McGranaghan
313 Physical Science Building or 956-7092

Course Description

This course is designed to follow the Introduction to Computer Assisted Cartography (Geog 387) or to serve as a programmer's introduction to computer cartography. It treats theoretical and technical concerns in automated cartography, with an objective of teaching students how mapping is automated. The emphasis is on algorithms rather than map production. The topics to be discussed are listed in the attached sylabus. The readings mentioned therein are drawn from the attached reference list, which contains additional items the student may find useful.

Format: Each week a lecture/discussion will cover a topic in the attached sylabus. It is expected that students will read the relevant materials and participate in discussion of them. Once the topic area is layed out, we will set about programming to implement/illustrate the principles discussed.

Prerequisites: Cartographic training, programming ability, familiarity with facilities at UHCC, and some mathematics (algebra, analytic geometry, trigonometry and statistics) are presupposed. It is difficult to cite specific courses which would meet these requirements. As a guideline, the topics covered in courses such as the following would be helpful: Geo 375, 387, 475, EE 150, 151; Math 130, 140, 311, 351. Prospective students having none of these courses or little familiarity with these topics should consult with the instructor before registering.

Grading: Grading will be based on approximatley weekly programming assignments, a larger term project, and your level of engagement. The programs need not be elegant but must run and do what they are supposed to do.

Text: Keith C. Clarke's Analytical and Computer Cartography was sellected at the last moment when a prefered text was out of print. It will be a basis and a unifying reference, but we won't make a lot of use out of it.

The reference list below indicates a number of useful items for your library. I don't expect you to purchase all of these, but to become aware of them as resources. The Pavlidis book and Foley and Van Dam are good broad references. Yoeli's monograph is interesting historically and the Bowyer and Woodwark is a good programmer's references.

Initial Reference List
Adobe Systems, 1985, PostScript Tutorial and Cookbook
Adobe Systems, 1985, PostScript Reference Manual
Ahn, 1984, Automatic Map Name Placement
Aho, Kernighan & Weinberger, 1988, The AWK Programming Language
Aronson, 1982, Comparitive Analysis of Polygon Overlay Algorithms
Ballard and Brown, Computer Vision
Bowyer and Woodwark, A Programmer's Geometry
Dent, 1982, Principles of Thematic Map Design
Douglas, "It Makes Me So Cross" in Marble et al., Basic Readings in Geographic Information Systems
Ferguson, 1973, Point in Polygon Algorithms
Foley and Van Dam, 1982, Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics
Freeman and Ahn, 1984, "Autonap - An Expert System for Automatic Map Name Placement"
Freeman and Pieroni, eds, 1980, Map Data Processing
Haralick, 1980, in Freeman & Pieroni (eds) Map Data Processing
Hirsh, 1980, Algorithms for Automatic Name Placement
Horn, Robot Vision
Kelly, 1980, "Automated Positioning of Feature Names on Maps"
Kernighan adn Ritchie, 1988, The C Programming Language (2nd ed.)
Kim, 1982, "Digital Convexity, Straightness and Convex Polygons", IEEE Transactions on PAMI
MacDougal, 1976, Computer Programming for Spatial Problems
man pages. (just a reminder! try 'apropos a_word' or 'man man'
Moellering, 1980, "Strategies for Real-Time Cartography", Cartographic Journal
Monmonier, 1982, Computer Assisted Cartography
Pavlidis, 1982, Algorithms for Graphics and Image Processing
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Peucker "The Cartographic Line", International Yearbook of Cartography, v16, p 134-143.
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Sedgwick, 1983, Algorithms
Snyder, 1982, Map Projections Used by the Geological Survey
USGS GNIS, DLG, DEM Documentation
Yeoli, 1982, Cartographic Drawing with Computers