Geog 470
Remote Sensing
Short Lit Rev Paper

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to explore current literature in remote sensing, and particularly to find parts of the literature that are relevant to your interests. The product will be a short paper (3 to 5 double-spaced typed pages) in which you identify and summarize five recent themes in remote sensing. For this paper, a "theme" means that you found at least three journal articles dealing with the topic, therefore you will have 15 references, three for each of five themes, for this assignment.

Identifying Themes Several example themes are listed below. They may help you get a better idea of what I have in mind and may spur your creativity.

Identifying Literature Browsing directly in the RS and related journals and following the references from articles that interest you is one way to see what is in the literature. The list below includes a number journals that run research articles on Remote Sensing.

Using abstracting indexes is a more directed way into the literature. and can help greatly in running down topics. GeoAbstracts used to be found in Hamilton Library reference section and was an organized categorical index to recent "geo" literature. It is no longer maintained at UH. On-line resources, available via the UH Library Hawaii Voyager system, may be of use (but in my opinion, they are a lousy replacement for real journals and a good abstracting service --- call me a dinosaur).

Ingenta (used to be call "UnCover") and is a search method into a lot of journals, some of which you can then access on line for free and others of which you end up paying to access. To reach Ingenta: access the library's home web page, click on "Electronic Journals, Newspapers and E-Books", Click on "Ingenta". You probably then want to click on "Earth/Environmental Sciences", and from there, click on (for instance) "Geography". Then select "On line Journals". You will have a pile to look through. With luck a search mechanism will help you locate articles that are of use without forcing an exhaustive search.

Another on-line route is, from the "Electronic Journals, Newspapers and E-Books" page, select the "Electronic Journals and Serials - maintained by the Serials Department" link, and then look for on-line journals either by title or by subject area.

GeoRef is accessible from the library's "databases & indexes" page. (Data Bases & Indexes / List by Topic / Geosciences / GeoRef, and then do your search. I don't know what this will get you.

A list of journals which publish research in remote sensing is provided in your textbook. Several carried in Hamliton Library are listed below:

Paper Specifications Use the following format guidelines in writing this paper. Keep it short (3-5 pages). Do not use a separate cover sheet or binder, just staple the pages together in the upper left-hand corner. Center the title at the top of the first page. Skip one line and center your name and on the next line center "Geography 470 Literature Survey". Skip two lines and start with the "Introduction" section. Your paper should have eight sections: (1) Introduction, (2-6) the names of the themes, (7) Conclusions, and (8) References.

Each of the theme sections will have a descriptive section heading, and should start with a topic sentence identifying the theme and leading into the parts exemplified in the several articles. Each article will get a sentence or two necessarily briefly summarizing its contents and findings. Try to build an integrated view of the theme rather than just list articles. Cite articles using the "(Author, year)" style of reference in the text. The fifteen entries in the reference list section should be alphabetical by author's last name, and have author, date, article title, full journal name, volume, number and page information. The due date is in the syllabus.