Geographic Information Systems
Geography 388
Syllabus (Spring 2014)

The table below lists this semester's topics and assignments (approximately) by week. We are skipping around in Bolstad's text, and dropping most of the old outside readings (though I'll make them available for perusal), but will be using some web-based resources. I can suggest further readings to support your particular interests. Please read the text before class.
Week Topic, Readings and Assignments
1 Introduction to GIS
Read: Bolstad's ToC and Chap 1.
Write: Compare Bolstad's definition of GIS with your previous conception.
2 Geographic Information
Read: Chap 2, skim 7 & 8
Write: Paper and pencil digitizing planning exercise .
Lab: ArcGIS Overview; Basic use of ArcGIS. (link)
3 Map Representation
Read: Chap 4, skim Chap 3
Lab: More use of ArcGIS (Text to Tables to Views to Maps) (link)
Write: Geographers and cartographers often work with 'zones of transition'. How might you handle those in a GIS?
4 Computer Representation
Read: Chap 2
Write: How small a difference in latitude longitude position does Arc maintain in a shapefile? (Hint: Experiment with converting close coordinates in a text file like this to points in a shapefile and noting the positional distinctions the shapefile maintains in both the table view and the map view.)
5 Vector Data Models (and GPS)
Lab: Consumer grade GPS and data checking. (link)
Read: Chap 4, 5, 7
Write: Re-write part of a DLG file to a shapefile. See here for details.
6 Raster Data Models and Raster Spatial and Terrain Analysis
Read: Chap 2, 6, 7, 10,
Lab: Raster Lab
7 DBMS: Relational and Object Oriented
Read: Chap 8
Team Project Assigned: Topic: Conflation to build a (better?) street network.
8 Spatial Analysis: Intersection and Overlay
Read: Chap 10, Appendix C
Lab: Geo-referencing, Screen Digitizing & Dataset development. (here)
Write: Compare 'Buffer', 'Spatial Join', 'Spatial selection' and 'Overlay' operations.
9 Mid-term exam (around here)
Spatial Analysis: Interpolation
Read: Chap 9, 12
Lab: Interpolation Lab
10 Raster Spatial Analysis and Terrain Analysis
Read: Chap 10, 11
11 Networks and Network Analysis
Term project idea due: 1 page outlining the question or problem, data, and methods you will use.
Write: Sketch a graph of the (non-planar) transportation network around the H1 between Kapahulu Avenue and University Avenue.
12 Addresses and Address Matching
Lab: Address geocoding here
13 Spatial Simulation Modeling
Read: Chap 13, this pdf .
Lab: Run and modify a Simulation Model (Game of Life) in ArcGIS
14 Data Quality & Standards: NSDI, SDTS,ISO
Read: Chap 14
Write: Generate compliant Metadata for (at least) one of the datasets for your term project.
15 Temporal Issues
Read: to be announced
Write: How can time be included in GIS data? What does it do to GIS data volume?
16 Catch up & Recent Developments
Read: Chap 15
Final As per the University schedule