GIS Data Visualization
Geography 387
Syllabus for Fall 2015 (under construction!)

We need to get through cartographic basics in unix and HTML and then ArcGIS quickly, so that we can move on with other technology, CSS(?), Google Earth, KML, python for accessing and reformatting data to KML and SVG, and then on to JavaScript and JSON (with some time to use them).

The table below lists topics and assignments (approximately) by week.

Week Cartographic Topics Technology and Tasks
1 Introduction to GIS Visualization & Cartographic Method Read: Wikipedia: "Scientific Visualization" and "Geovisualization"; Peterson ch 1-3; Brewer DBM ch 1; Robinson Forward, I, II ITS website creation and customization; unix; html; vi, sftp/ssh.
2 Maps on the web. Tiles. Mashup. Plotting points Points, lines, and areas. Graphic variables. Read: Peterson ch 4, 10 Google maps API to insert maps and plot points.
3 Cartographic Symbology: Points, lines, areas, surfaces. Graphic variables. Read: Brewer ch 6 ArcGIS Basic mapping use; Export maps in SVG and JPG; Add them to your website.
4 Design for Web and Screen Presentation. Can one design to suit all resolutions, environments, uses? Multiple scales... Different Projections... Read: Robinson IV, V, VI; Brewer ch 2 & 3 More ArcGIS symbology; Scale; Type
5 Simple Interactivity and Planning what happens next Read: Slocum ch 22, 24 HTML Clickable Maps; Image coordinates (vs map, world, etc) and Targets; Python to aid/automate map creation. Make & link Clickable Maps, to change scale and content.
6 Google Earth and KML: LOD, scene graphs and vector data Read: kml documentation; Start to bend GE to your will. Image overlay. Embedded map. Placemarks. Export KML.
7 Transformational View Python to read data and write KML to symbolize it with Graduated Point Symbols. Color. (Map projection?)
8 Symbology: Time and Animation
Read: Slocum ch 21
KML TimeStamps to move points, polygons and view points.
9 SVG (a little closer... interaction, animation?) Writing Python to write SVG to display a map.
10 Mid-term exam (around here)
11 Multivariate symbols. How much can you show? JavaScript to draw symbols.
12 JSON and GeoJSON as data formats.
Term project idea due about now 1 page outlining the question or problem, the data, and a sketch of the visualization(s) you intend to produce.
Python to write JSON and GeoJSON to use in javascript. JavaScript to use it.
13 Graphic communication and How to Assess what we see?
Read: McKendry & Machlis (2008) "Cartographic design and the quality of climate change maps", Climate Change , v. 95, n. 1&2, pp 219-230.
I'd like to try a Response Time and Accuracy experiment with you. We'll see whether we get there.
14 Probably catching up. Open lab on your projects.
15 Probably catching up. Open lab on your projects.
16 Student Presentations  
Final As per university schedule.