Introduction to Cartography and Air Photo
Geography 375

Instructor: Matthew McGranaghan
PSB 313, 956-7092,
Meeting: MWF 11:30 - 12:20 in PSB 310

Overview: This course is an introduction to the principles of thematic cartography. The intent is to develop (carto-) graphic literacy through the examination and construction of maps. In this offering, we will concentrate on thematic or statistical maps as communication devices, considering map design principles, map compilation, and map symbology at some considerable length. We will barely treat geodetic concerns, map projections, air photo and remote sensing interpretation at all. See the syllabus for a list of topics, readings, and exercises.

I am still working out the split of exercises between conceptualization / sketch maps and using computers to design and generate maps. Potential students' input on this is desired.

Requirements and Grading: Class attendance and participation are expected. It is expected that you will stay up with assigned readings and lab exercises, and be prepared to discuss this material. Grades will be based on:

All of the assignments must be completed to pass the course. I will sum each student's weighted total score and use "natural breaks" and my judgment as to the overall class performance to determine final grades. University rules on incompletes will be followed.

Readings: The basic readings for this course will be from Arthur H. Robinson, Joel L. Morrison, Phillip C. Muehrcke, A. Jon Kimmerling and Stephen C. Guptill's Elements of Cartography (6th edition). Some supplemental readings will be available on reserve.

The Cartography Lab and Software: The software we use was selected for functionality and price. When possible, we try to choose software that is free or inexpensive for students. This lab is made available for your cartographic educational use. The lab is not intended for word-processing, music downloading, web-cruising or the like. I expect that you will honor these intents and the copyrights on this software. Also, please keep the place neat. Put refuse in the bins.