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Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library , has a pile of resources: books, newspapers, and more on-line!

Some statistical maps of some distributions in Honolulu. These are based on US Census 2000 data. Most use standard deviations above and below the mean for the blockgroups to display the data.
Population Density (SD)
Median household income 1999 ($)
Median household income (SD)
Proportion of population with Bachelors Degrees (SD)
Proportion of population with Bachelors Degrees (%)

SPOT image (thumbnail version) of Oahu.

ETM images (thumbnails) of Hawaiian Islands. Oahu is split in TM scenes.

2003 State Data Book (They have made this less accessible. Follow that link. Look under "Statistics & Economic Information", then look for "State of Hawaii Data Book", or try this link .)
2002 State Data Book
2001 State Data Book
2000 State Data Book
1999 State Data Book

C&C Parcel Information System (useful for several assignments!)

C&C Aerial Photographs (Read the 'readme.txt' file.)

Hawaii Statewide GIS Program

US Census Bureau
Home Page
Data Look-up
TMS Mapping
2000 American FactFinder

US Census Bureau --- 2000 Census
Block Index map
Tract Index map

Topographic Map Excerpts here

E. Oahu Streams here

Block map (e.g.): Kalihi-Nuuanu Manoa Diamond Head-Waikiki etc Kahala Palolo
Tract maps: (e.g.) Moanlua - Kahala Tracts map

USGS Water Resources of Hawaii and the Pacific here

Hawaii DBEDT

Digital Ortho Quarter Quads of Oahu via ftp in Mr. Sid format. NB: There is a readme.txt file. The photos are named after the USGS Topographic Quadrangles and an indication of which quarter they cover. The names mix upper- and lower-case so be careful with the listing.

Historic Maps on the Web

1881 - Hawaiian Government Survey; W. D. Alexander, Surveyor General, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands; map by C. J. Lyons, from trigonometric surveys by W. D. Alexander, C. J. Lyons, J. F. Brown, M. D. Monsarrat and Wm. Webster, finished map by Richd. Covington. At Library of Congress. Look for the segment on OR&L Co. about 3/4 down the page.

1938 - Topographic Map of the Island of Oahu: city and county of Honolulu, Hawaii / surveyed by the U.S. Geological Survey; in cooperation with the Territory of of Hawaii; and War Department. Look for maps of Oahu or Honolulu.

More Honolulu Maps on the Web

at U of Texas

Other Tools

Approximate Honolulu Latitudes and Longitudes Tool